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stock _Reset _እንደ ነበር መመለሻ
stock _Yes _አዎ
pdfgeneralpage|all _All _ሁሉንም
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|all Exports all defined print ranges. If no print range is defined, exports the entire document. ሁሉንም የ ተወሰኑ የ ማተሚያ መጠኖች መላኪያ: ምንም የ ማተሚያ መጠን ካልተገለጸ: ጠቅላላ ሰነዱ ይላካል:
pdfgeneralpage|range _Pages: _ገጾች:
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|range Exports the pages you type in the box. እርስዎ በ ሳጥን ውስጥ የጻፉትን ገጾች መላኪያ
pdfgeneralpage|selection _Selection _ምርጫ
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|selection Exports the current selection. የ አሁኑን ምርጫ መላኪያ
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|pages Exports the pages you type in the box. እርስዎ በ ሳጥን ውስጥ የጻፉትን ገጾች መላኪያ:
pdfgeneralpage|slides Slides: ተንሸራታቾች:
pdfgeneralpage|viewpdf _View PDF after export PDF _መመልከቻ ከተላከ በኋላ
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|viewpdf Open the exported document in the system default PDF viewer. የ ተላከውን ሰነድ በ ስርአት ነባር መመልከቻ ውስጥ መክፈቻ:
pdfgeneralpage|selectedsheets _Selection/Selected sheet(s) _ምርጫ/የ ተመረጠው ወረቀት(ቶች)
pdfgeneralpage|label1 Range መጠን
pdfgeneralpage|losslesscompress _Lossless compression _ያልላላ ማመቂያ
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|losslesscompress Selects a lossless compression of images. All pixels are preserved.
pdfgeneralpage|reduceresolution Reduce ima_ge resolution to: የ ምስ_ል ሪዞሊሽን መቀነሻ ወደ:
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|reduceresolution Select to resample or down-size the images to a lower number of pixels per inch.
pdfgeneralpage|resolution 75 DPI 75 DPI
pdfgeneralpage|resolution 150 DPI 150 DPI
pdfgeneralpage|resolution 300 DPI 300 DPI
pdfgeneralpage|resolution 600 DPI 600 DPI
pdfgeneralpage|resolution 1200 DPI 1200 DPI
pdfgeneralpage|comboboxtext-entry 75 DPI 75 DPI
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|resolution Select the target resolution for the images. ለ ምስሎች የታለመውን ሪዞሊሽን ይምረጡ:
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|quality Enter the quality level for JPEG compression. ለ JPEG ማመቂያ የ ጥራት ደረጃ ያስገቡ:
pdfgeneralpage|jpegcompress _JPEG compression _JPEG ማመቂያ
pdfgeneralpage|extended_tip|jpegcompress Select a JPEG compression level. With a high quality level, almost all pixels are preserved. With a low quality level, some pixels are lost and artifacts are introduced, but file sizes are reduced.
pdfgeneralpage|label6 _Quality: _ጥራት:
pdfgeneralpage|label2 Images ምስሎች
pdfgeneralpage|watermark Sign with _watermark በ _ውሀ ምልክት መፈረሚያ


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