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griddialog|resetTypeCombobox Linear descending 线性下降
griddialog|resetTypeCombobox Original values 原始数值
griddialog|resetTypeCombobox Exponential increasing 指数增长
griddialog|resetButton _Set 设置(_S)
sanedialog|SaneDialog Scanner 扫描仪
sanedialog|deviceInfoButton About Dev_ice 关于设备(_I)
sanedialog|extended_tip|deviceInfoButton Displays a popup window with information obtained from the scanner driver. 弹出对话框,显示扫描仪驱动程序提供的信息。
sanedialog|previewButton Create Previe_w 创建预览(_W)
sanedialog|extended_tip|previewButton Scans and displays the document in the preview area. 扫描文档并在预览区域显示。
sanedialog|scanButton _Scan 扫描(_S)
sanedialog|extended_tip|ok Scans an image, and then inserts the result into the document and closes the dialog. 扫描图像,将结果插入到文档中,然后关闭对话框。
sanedialog|label3 _Left: 左(_L):
sanedialog|label4 To_p: 上(_P):
sanedialog|label5 _Right: 右(_R):
sanedialog|label6 _Bottom: 下(_B):
sanedialog|extended_tip|topSpinbutton Set the top margin of the scan area.
sanedialog|extended_tip|rightSpinbutton Set the right margin of the scan area.
sanedialog|extended_tip|bottomSpinbutton Set the bottom margin of the scan area.
sanedialog|extended_tip|leftSpinbutton Set the left margin of the scan area.
sanedialog|label1 Scan Area 扫描区域
sanedialog|extended_tip|preview Displays a preview of the scanned image. The preview area contains eight handles. Drag the handles to adjust the scan area or enter a value in the corresponding margin spin box.
sanedialog|label2 Preview 预览
sanedialog|label7 Device _used 使用的设备(_U)
sanedialog|label8 Resolution [_DPI] 分辨率 [_DPI]
sanedialog|extended_tip|deviceCombobox Displays a list of available scanners detected in your system. 显示在您的系统中检测到的可用扫描仪列表。
sanedialog|extended_tip|reslCombobox Select the resolution in dots per inch for the scan job. 选择本次扫描作业的分辨率,单位为点/英寸 (DPI)。
sanedialog|advancedCheckbutton Show advanced options 显示高级选项
sanedialog|extended_tip|advancedcheckbutton Mark this checkbox to display more configuration options for the scanner device. 勾选此项可显示扫描设备的更多设置选项。
sanedialog|label10 Options: 选项:
sanedialog\extended_tip|optionSvTreeListBox Displays the list of available scanner driver advanced options. Double click an option to display its contents just below. 显示可用的扫描仪驱动高级选项列表。鼠标双击某选项会在下方显示其内容。
sanedialog|optionsButton Se_t 设置(_T)
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