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invokeadminpage|extended_tip|InvokeAdminPage Allows you to enter additional settings for LDAP address data and other external data sources.
optiondbfieldpage|label1 Do you want to save the value in a database field?
optiondbfieldpage|yesRadiobutton _Yes, I want to save it in the following database field:
optiondbfieldpage|noRadiobutton _No, I only want to save the value in the form.
optionsfinalpage|label1 Which _caption is to be given to your option group?
optionsfinalpage|label2 These were all details needed to create the option group.
optionvaluespage|label1 When you select an option, the option group is given a specific value.
optionvaluespage|label2 Which _value do you want to assign to each option?
optionvaluespage|label3 _Option fields
selecttablepage|label2 The external data source you have chosen contains more than one address book.
Please select the one you mainly want to work with:
selecttablepage|extended_tip|table Specifies the table that is to serve as the address book for the office suite templates.
selecttablepage|extended_tip|SelectTablePage Specifies a table from the Seamonkey / Netscape address book source that is used as the address book in the office suite.
selecttypepage|label2 %PRODUCTNAME lets you access address data already present in your system. To do this, a %PRODUCTNAME data source will be created in which your address data is available in tabular form.

This wizard helps you create the data source.
selecttypepage|evolution Evolution
selecttypepage|extended_tip|evolution Select this option if you already use an address book in Evolution.
selecttypepage|groupwise Groupwise
selecttypepage|extended_tip|groupwise Select this option if you already use an address book in Groupwise.
selecttypepage|evoldap Evolution LDAP
selecttypepage|extended_tip|evoldap Select this option if you already use an address book in Evolution LDAP.
selecttypepage|thunderbird Thunderbird
selecttypepage|extended_tip|thunderbird Select this option if you already use an address book in Thunderbird or Icedove.
selecttypepage|kde KDE address book
selecttypepage|extended_tip|kde Select this option if you already use an address book in KDE Address book (KAddressBook).
selecttypepage|macosx Mac OS X address book
selecttypepage|extended_tip|macosx Select this option if you already use an address book in macOS Address book.
selecttypepage|other Other external data source
selecttypepage|extended_tip|other Select this option if you want to register another data source as address book in the office suite.
selecttypepage|label1 Select the type of your external address book:
selecttypepage|extended_tip|SelectTypePage This wizard registers an existing address book as a data source in the office suite.
tableselectionpage|label3 Currently, the form the control belongs to is not (or not completely) bound to a data source.

Please choose a data source and a table.

Please note that the settings made on this page will take effect immediately upon leaving the page.
tableselectionpage|datasourcelabel _Data source:
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