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authentificationpage|header Set up the user authentication Set opp brukarautentisering
authentificationpage|helptext Some databases require you to enter a user name. Enkelte databasar krev at du oppgjev eit brukarnamn.
authentificationpage|generalUserNameLabel _User name _Brukarnamn:
authentificationpage|passRequiredCheckbutton Password re_quired Krev _passord
authentificationpage|testConnectionButton _Test Connection _Test tilkoplinga
autocharsetpage|charsetlabel _Character set: _Teiknsett:
autocharsetpage|charsetheader Data Conversion Datakonvertering
choosedatasourcedialog|ChooseDataSourceDialog Data Source Datakjelde
choosedatasourcedialog|organize Or_ganize... _Organiser …
choosedatasourcedialog|label1 Choose a data source: Vel ei datakjelde:
collectionviewdialog|CollectionView Save Lagra
collectionviewdialog|ok _Save _Lagra
collectionviewdialog|newFolderButton|tooltip_text Create New Directory Lag ny mappe
collectionviewdialog|upButton|tooltip_text Up One Level Eitt nivå opp
collectionviewdialog|columntitle Folder Name Mappenamn
collectionviewdialog|fileNameLabel File _name: Fil_namn:
colwidthdialog|ColWidthDialog Column Width Kolonnebreidd
colwidthdialog|label1 _Width: _Breidd:
colwidthdialog|extended_tip|value Enter the column width that you want to use. Skriv inn kor breie kolonnane skal vera.
colwidthdialog|automatic _Automatic _Automatisk
colwidthdialog|extended_tip|automatic Automatically adjusts the column width based on the current font. Juster kolonnebreidda automatisk etter skrifta.
colwidthdialog|extended_tip|ColWidthDialog Changes the width of the current column, or the selected columns. Endra breidda på radene som er merkte av, eller berre der skrivemerket står.
connectionpage|browseurllabel Path to the dBASE files: Sti til dBASE-filene:
connectionpage|create _Create New Lag _ny
connectionpage|browse _Browse… _Bla gjennom …
connectionpage|generalLabel General Generelt
connectionpage|userNameLabel _User name: _Brukarnamn:
connectionpage|passCheckbutton Password required Krev passord
connectionpage|userlabel User Authentication Brukarautentisering
connectionpage|javaDriverLabel _JDBC driver class: _JDBC-drivarklasse:
connectionpage|driverButton Test Class Testklasse
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