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Context English Afrikaans Actions
STR_ALL_VIEWS All views Alle aanskoue
STR_ALL_TABLES_AND_VIEWS All tables and views Alle tabelle en aanskoue
STR_TABLE_PRIV_NAME Table name Tabelnaam
STR_TABLE_PRIV_INSERT Insert data Voeg data in
STR_TABLE_PRIV_DELETE Delete data Skrap data
STR_TABLE_PRIV_UPDATE Modify data Wysig data
STR_TABLE_PRIV_ALTER Alter structure Verander struktuur
STR_TABLE_PRIV_SELECT Read data Lees data
STR_TABLE_PRIV_REFERENCE Modify references Wysig verwysings
STR_TABLE_PRIV_DROP Drop structure Sak struktuur
STR_DBASE_PATH_OR_FILE Path to the dBASE files Pad na die dBASE-lêers
STR_FLAT_PATH_OR_FILE Path to the text files Pad na die teks-lêers
STR_CALC_PATH_OR_FILE Path to the spreadsheet document Pad na die sigblad-dokument
STR_NAME_OF_ODBC_DATASOURCE Name of the ODBC data source on your system Naam van die ODBC-databron op u stelsel
STR_WRITER_PATH_OR_FILE Path to the Writer document Koppeling na die "Writer" dokument
STR_MYSQL_DATABASE_NAME Name of the MySQL/MariaDB database
STR_ORACLE_DATABASE_NAME Name of the Oracle database Naam van die Oracle-databasis
STR_MSACCESS_MDB_FILE Microsoft Access database file Microsoft Access-databasislêer
STR_NO_ADDITIONAL_SETTINGS No more settings are necessary. To verify that the connection is working, click the '%test' button. Geen verdere instellings nodig nie. Om te toets of die verbinding werk, kliek die '%test'-knoppie.
STR_COMMONURL Enter the DBMS/driver-specific connection string here Voer hier in die DBMS/drywer-spesifieke konneksie-string
STR_HOSTNAME ~Host name ~Gasheernaam
STR_MOZILLA_PROFILE_NAME ~Mozilla profile name ~Mozilla-profielnaam
STR_THUNDERBIRD_PROFILE_NAME ~Thunderbird profile name ~Thunderbird-profielnaam
STR_ADD_TABLES Add Tables Voeg Tabelle in...
STR_ADD_TABLE_OR_QUERY Add Table or Query Voer Tabel naam of Navraag in
STR_WIZ_COLUMN_SELECT_TITEL Apply columns Pas kolomme toe
STR_WIZ_TYPE_SELECT_TITEL Type formatting Soort formatering
STR_WIZ_NAME_ALREADY_DEFINED Enter a unique name for the new primary key data field.
The following name is already in use:
Voer 'n unieke naam in vir die nuwe primêre sleuteldata veld.
Die volgende naam word reeds gebruik:
STR_WIZ_NAME_MATCHING_TITEL Assign columns Wys kolomme toe
STR_WIZ_PB_PREV < ~Back < ~Terug
STR_WIZ_PB_NEXT ~Next> ~Volgende>


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