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English 5ATKM
Context English Armenian, Classical (Armenia) (xcl) Actions
multipathdialog|label1 Mark the Default Path for New Files
namedialog|NameDialog Name
newlibdialog|NewLibDialog Create Library
newlibdialog|newlibft Enter the name for the new library.
newlibdialog|newmacroft Enter the name for the new macro.
newlibdialog|renameft Enter the new name for the selected object.
newlibdialog|altmacrotitle Create Macro
newlibdialog|altrenametitle Rename
newtabledialog|NewTableDialog Insert Table
newtabledialog|columns_label _Number of columns:
newtabledialog|rows_label _Number of rows:
newtoolbardialog|NewToolbarDialog Name
newtoolbardialog|label1 _Toolbar name:
newtoolbardialog|label2 _Save in:
numberingformatpage|extended_tip|formatted Displays the number format code for the selected format. You can also enter a custom format.
numberingformatpage|add|tooltip_text Add
numberingformatpage|extended_tip|add Adds the number format code that you entered to the user-defined category.
numberingformatpage|edit|tooltip_text Edit Comment
numberingformatpage|extended_tip|edit Enter a comment for the selected number format, and then click outside this box.
numberingformatpage|delete|tooltip_text Remove
numberingformatpage|extended_tip|delete Deletes the selected number format.
numberingformatpage|commented|tooltip_text Comment
numberingformatpage|extended_tip|commented Adds a comment to the selected number format.
numberingformatpage|formatf _Format Code
numberingformatpage|extended_tip|decimalsed Enter the number of decimal places that you want to display.
numberingformatpage|extended_tip|denominatored With fraction format, enter the number of places for the denominator that you want to display.
numberingformatpage|extended_tip|leadzerosed Enter the maximum number of zeroes to display in front of the decimal point.
numberingformatpage|decimalsft _Decimal places:
numberingformatpage|denominatorft Den_ominator places:
numberingformatpage|leadzerosft Leading _zeroes:
numberingformatpage|negnumred _Negative numbers red


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English Armenian, Classical (Armenia) (xcl)
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