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RID_SVXSTR_CONFIRM_SET_LANGUAGE Do you want to change the '%1' dictionary language? Vil du endra ordlistespråket for «%1»?
RID_SVXSTR_COLOR_CONFIG_DELETE Do you really want to delete the color scheme? Vil du sletta fargeoppsettet?
RID_SVXSTR_COLOR_CONFIG_DELETE_TITLE Color Scheme Deletion Sletting av fargeoppsettet
RID_SVXSTR_COLOR_CONFIG_SAVE1 Save scheme Lagra oppsettet
RID_SVXSTR_COLOR_CONFIG_SAVE2 Name of color scheme Namn på fargeoppsett
RID_SVXSTR_SPELL Spelling Stavekontroll
RID_SVXSTR_HYPH Hyphenation Orddeling
RID_SVXSTR_THES Thesaurus Synonymordliste
RID_SVXSTR_GRAMMAR Grammar Grammatikk
RID_SVXSTR_CAPITAL_WORDS Check uppercase words Kontroller ord med store bokstavar
RID_SVXSTR_WORDS_WITH_DIGITS Check words with numbers Kontroller ord med tal
RID_SVXSTR_SPELL_SPECIAL Check special regions Kontroller spesialområde
RID_SVXSTR_SPELL_AUTO Check spelling as you type Kontroller staving fortløpande
RID_SVXSTR_GRAMMAR_AUTO Check grammar as you type Kontroller grammatikk ved skriving
RID_SVXSTR_NUM_MIN_WORDLEN Minimal number of characters for hyphenation: Minste tal på teikn for orddeling
RID_SVXSTR_NUM_PRE_BREAK Characters before line break: Teikn før linjeskift:
RID_SVXSTR_NUM_POST_BREAK Characters after line break: Teikn etter sideskift:
RID_SVXSTR_HYPH_AUTO Hyphenate without inquiry Del ord utan å spørja
RID_SVXSTR_HYPH_SPECIAL Hyphenate special regions Orddel spesialområde
RID_SVXSTR_JRE_NOT_RECOGNIZED The folder you selected does not contain a Java runtime environment.
Please select a different folder.
Mappa du valde inneheld ikkje eit Java-køyremiljø.
Vel ei anna mappe.
RID_SVXSTR_JRE_FAILED_VERSION The Java runtime environment you selected is not the required version.
Please select a different folder.
Det Java-køyremiljøet du valde er ikkje den ønskte versjonen.
Vel ei anna mappe.
RID_SVXSTR_JAVA_START_PARAM Edit Parameter Rediger parametrane

The maximum value for a port number is 65535.
Ugyldig verdi.

Maksimumsverdien for eit portnummer er 65535.
RID_SVXSTR_DESC_GRADIENT Please enter a name for the gradient: Skriv inn eit namn for fargeovergangen:
RID_SVXSTR_DESC_NEW_BITMAP Please enter a name for the bitmap: Skriv inn eit namn for biletet:
RID_SVXSTR_DESC_EXT_BITMAP Please enter a name for the external bitmap: Skriv inn eit namn for det eksterne biletet:
RID_SVXSTR_DESC_NEW_PATTERN Please enter a name for the pattern: Skriv inn eit namn for mønsteret:
RID_SVXSTR_DESC_LINESTYLE Please enter a name for the line style: Skriv inn eit namn for linjestilen:
RID_SVXSTR_ASK_CHANGE_LINESTYLE The line style was modified without saving.
Modify the selected line style or add a new line style.
Linjestilen er endra, men ikkje lagra.
Endra den valde linjestilen eller legg til ein ny.
RID_SVXSTR_DESC_HATCH Please enter a name for the hatching: Skriv inn eit namn for skraveringa:


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