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effectspage|individualwordscb _Individual words
effectspage|extended_tip|individualwordscb Applies the selected effect only to words and ignores spaces.
effectspage|textdecoration Text Decoration
effectspage|fontcolorft _Font color:
effectspage|extended_tip|fontcolorlb Sets the color for the selected text. If you select Automatic, the text color is set to black for light backgrounds and to white for dark backgrounds.
effectspage|a11ywarning Accessibility option "Use automatic font color for screen display" is active. Font color attributes are not currently used to display text.
effectspage|fonttransparencyft _Transparency:
effectspage|fontcolorft3 Font Color
effectspage|extended_tip|EffectsPage Specify the font effects that you want to use.
embossdialog|EmbossDialog Emboss
embossdialog|label2 _Light source: प्रकाश स्रोत
embossdialog|label1 Parameters परामितिहरू
embossdialog|extended_tip|EmbossDialog Displays a dialog for creating reliefs.
entrycontextmenu|remove _Remove
entrycontextmenu|rename R_ename...
entrycontextmenu|add _Add
entrycontextmenu|changeIcon _Change Icon...
entrycontextmenu|resetIcon Re_set Icon
entrycontextmenu|restoreDefault Restore _Default Command
eventassigndialog|EventAssignDialog Assign Macro म्याक्रो
eventassignpage|eventft Event घटनाहरू
eventassignpage|assignft Assigned Action
eventassignpage|extended_tip|assignments Lists the events that can trigger a macro.
eventassignpage|libraryft1 Assignments
eventassignpage|assign Assign Assign
eventassignpage|extended_tip|assign Assigns the selected macro to the selected event.
eventassignpage|delete Remove हटाउनुहोस्
eventassignpage|extended_tip|delete Removes the macro assignment from the selected entry.
eventassignpage|extended_tip|libraries Lists the office suite program and any open documents.
eventassignpage|macrotoft Macro From यसबाट म्याक्रो
eventassignpage|extended_tip|macros Lists the available macros. Select the macro that you want to assign to the selected event, and then click Assign.


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