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dimensionlinestabpage|FT_POSITION _Text position テキストの位置(_T)
dimensionlinestabpage|extended_tip|CTL_POSITION Determines the position of the dimension text with respect to the dimension line and the guides. 寸法船の表示テキストの位置を、寸法線や補助線を基準に指定します。
dimensionlinestabpage|TSB_AUTOPOSV _AutoVertical 自動的に縦方向へ(_A)
dimensionlinestabpage|extended_tip|TSB_AUTOPOSV Determines the optimal vertical position for the dimension text. 寸法線の表示テキストの垂直位置の最適値を指定します。
dimensionlinestabpage|TSB_AUTOPOSH A_utoHorizontal 自動的に横方向へ(_U)
dimensionlinestabpage|extended_tip|TSB_AUTOPOSH Determines the optimal horizontal position for the dimension text. 寸法線の表示テキストの水平位置の最適値を指定します。
dimensionlinestabpage|TSB_PARALLEL _Parallel to line 寸法線と並行に表示(_P)
dimensionlinestabpage|extended_tip|TSB_PARALLEL If enabled, displays the text parallel to the dimension line. If disabled, the text is shown at 90 degrees to the dimension line.
dimensionlinestabpage|TSB_SHOW_UNIT Show _measurement units 単位を表示(_M)
dimensionlinestabpage|extended_tip|TSB_SHOW_UNIT Shows or hides the dimension measurement unit. You can select a measurement unit you want to display from the list.
dimensionlinestabpage|extended_tip|LB_UNIT Shows or hides the dimension measurement units. You can also select a measurement unit you want to display from the list. 寸法線の表示単位の表示/非表示を切り替えます。リストから、寸法線の表示単位を選択することもできます。
dimensionlinestabpage|label2 Legend 凡例
dimensionlinestabpage|STR_MEASURE_AUTOMATIC Automatic 自動
editdictionarydialog|EditDictionaryDialog Edit Custom Dictionary ユーザー辞書の編集
book Specifies the book to be edited.
lang Assigns a new language to the current custom dictionary.
editdictionarydialog|book_label _Book: ブック(_B):
editdictionarydialog|lang_label _Language: 言語(_L):
replace This input field is only available if you are editing an exception dictionary or a language-dependent custom dictionary. In exception dictionaries, the field shows the alternative suggestion for the current word in the "Word" text box. In language-dependent custom dictionaries, the field contains a known root word, as a model of affixation of the new word or its usage in compound words. For example, in a German custom dictionary, the new word “Litschi” (lychee) with the model word “Gummi” (gum) will result recognition of “Litschis” (lychees), “Litschibaum” (lychee tree), “Litschifrucht” (lychee fruit) etc.
word You can type a new word for inclusion in the dictionary. In the list below you will see the contents of the current custom dictionary.
editdictionarydialog|word_label _Word 単語(_W)
editdictionarydialog|replace_label _Replace By 置換対象(_R)
editdictionarydialog|newreplace _New 新規作成(_N)
newreplace Adds the word in the Word text field to your current custom dictionary. The word in the Suggestion field is also added when working with exception dictionaries.
editdictionarydialog|delete _Delete 削除(_D)
delete Removes the marked word from the current custom dictionary.
EditDictionaryDialog In the Edit Custom Dictionary dialog you have the option to enter new terms or edit existing entries.
editmodulesdialog|EditModulesDialog Edit Modules モジュールの編集
editmodulesdialog|moredictslink Get more dictionaries online... オンラインでさらに辞書を取得する...
editmodulesdialog|label2 Language: 言語:
language Specifies the language of the module.
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