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RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Want to know how many days there are in the current month? Use the DAYSINMONTH(TODAY()) function.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Your numbers are displayed as ### in your spreadsheet? The column is too narrow to display all digits.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Enable massive parallel calculations of formula cells via Tools ▸ Options ▸ %PRODUCTNAME ▸ OpenCL.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Use the Connector tool from the Drawing toolbar in Draw/Impress to create nice flow charts and optionally copy/paste the object into Writer.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Your donations support our worldwide community.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY You want to add x months to a date? Use =EDATE(date;months).
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY To select a contiguous range of cells containing data and bounded by empty row and columns use %MOD1+* (numeric key pad).
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Your date acceptance pattern is inappropriate? Use Tools ▸ Options ▸ Language Settings ▸ Languages ▸ Date acceptance patterns to tweak the pattern.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Want to export formulas to CSV? File ▸ Save As ▸ Type:Text CSV, check “Edit filter settings”, and check “Save cell formulas” in the next dialog.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY The presenter console is a great feature when working with %PRODUCTNAME Impress. Have you checked it out?
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY To delete multiple comments, select cells with comments and use Sheet ▸ Cell Comments ▸ Delete Comment.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Easily convert your documents to PDF with one click by clicking on the PDF icon in the toolbar.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Want to select a large range of cells without scrolling? Type the range reference (e.g. A1:A1000) in the name box then Enter.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Want to know the valid command line parameters? Start soffice with --help or -h or -?
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Fit your sheet or print ranges to a page with Format ▸ Page ▸ Sheet Tab ▸ Scaling Mode.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Need to include a list item without a bullet or number? Use “Insert Unnumbered Entry” in the Bullets and Numbering toolbar.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY You can rotate cells table orientation with Table ▸ Properties… ▸ Text Flow ▸ Text orientation.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY In %PRODUCTNAME Draw to change the 0/0 point of the rulers, drag the intersection of the two rulers in the top left corner into the workspace.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Move a column in Calc between two others in one step? Click the header then a cell in the column, keep mouse button and move to the target with %MOD2 key.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Automatically mark alphabetical index entries using a concordance file.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Use Format ▸ Align Objects in Impress or Shape ▸ Align Objects in Draw (or the context menu) for precise positioning of objects: it centers on the page if one object is selected or works on the group respectively.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Do not use tabs to space items on a Writer document. Depending on what you are trying to do, a borderless table can be a better choice.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY No need to scroll through the list at Tools ▸ Customize ▸ Keyboard to find a shortcut: just type it.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY %PRODUCTNAME can automatically add a numbered caption when you insert objects. See Tools ▸ Options ▸ %PRODUCTNAME Writer ▸ AutoCaption.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY With %PRODUCTNAME you can use your Google Mail account to do a mail merge. Fill in Tools ▸ Options ▸ %PRODUCTNAME Writer ▸ Mail Merge Email.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Keep column headers of a sheet visible when scrolling lines via View ▸ Freeze Cells ▸ Freeze First Row.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY You want to start working with Basic macros? Take a look at the examples under Tools ▸ Macros ▸ Edit Macros.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Apply Heading paragraph styles in Writer with shortcut keys: %MOD1+1 applies Heading 1, %MOD1+2 applies Heading 2, etc.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Do not get lost in large documents. Use the Navigator (F5) to find your way through the content.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Edit ▸ Find and Replace lets you insert special characters directly: right click in input fields or press Shift+%MOD1+S.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Need custom contents for metadata properties? File ▸ Properties ▸ Custom Properties tab lets you create what you want.


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