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calloutpage|liststore1 Horizontal
calloutpage|liststore1 Vertical
calloutpage|extended_tip|extension Select where you want to extend the callout line from, in relation to the callout box.
calloutpage|extended_tip|length Enter the length of the callout line segment that extends from the callout box to the inflection point of the line.
calloutpage|lengthft _Length:
calloutpage|optimal _Optimal
calloutpage|extended_tip|optimal Click here to display a single-angled line in an optimal way.
calloutpage|positionft _Position:
calloutpage|byft _By:
calloutpage|position Top
calloutpage|position Middle
calloutpage|position Bottom
calloutpage|position Left
calloutpage|position Center
calloutpage|position Right
calloutpage|extended_tip|position Select where you want to extend the callout line from, in relation to the callout box.
calloutpage|extended_tip|by Select where you want to extend the callout line from, in relation to the callout box.
calloutpage|label1 _Spacing:
calloutpage|extended_tip|spacing Enter the amount of space that you want to leave between the end of the callout line, and the callout box.
calloutpage|linetypes Straight Line
calloutpage|linetypes Angled Line
calloutpage|linetypes Angled Connector Line
calloutpage|extended_tip|CalloutPage Click the Callout style that you want to apply to the selected callout.
cellalignment|labelDegrees _Degrees:
cellalignment|labelRefEdge _Reference edge:
cellalignment|extended_tip|spinDegrees Enter the rotation angle from 0 to 360 for the text in the selected cell(s).
cellalignment|extended_tip|references Specify the cell edge from which to write the rotated text.
cellalignment|checkVertStack Vertically s_tacked
cellalignment|extended_tip|checkVertStack Text direction vertically.
cellalignment|checkAsianMode Asian layout _mode
cellalignment|extended_tip|checkAsianMode Aligns Asian characters one below the other in the selected cell(s). If the cell contains more than one line of text, the lines are converted to text columns that are arranged from right to left. Western characters in the converted text are rotated 90 degrees to the right. Asian characters are not rotated.
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Read only LibreOffice UI - master/cui/messages


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