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cellalignment|extended_tip|dialcontrol Click in the dial to set the text orientation.
cellalignment|labelTextOrient Text Orientation
cellalignment|checkWrapTextAuto _Wrap text automatically
cellalignment|extended_tip|checkWrapTextAuto Wraps text onto another line at the cell border. The number of lines depends on the width of the cell.
cellalignment|checkShrinkFitCellSize _Shrink to fit cell size
cellalignment|extended_tip|checkShrinkFitCellSize Reduces the apparent size of the font so that the contents of the cell fit into the current cell width. You cannot apply this command to a cell that contains line breaks.
cellalignment|checkHyphActive Hyphenation _active
cellalignment|extended_tip|checkHyphActive Enables word hyphenation for text wrapping to the next line.
cellalignment|LabelTxtDir Te_xt direction:
cellalignment|labelProperties Properties
cellalignment|extended_tip|spinIndentFrom Indents from the left edge of the cell by the amount that you enter.
cellalignment|labelHorzAlign Hori_zontal:
cellalignment|labelVertAlign _Vertical:
cellalignment|labelIndent I_ndent:
cellalignment|liststoreHorzAlign Default
cellalignment|liststoreHorzAlign Left
cellalignment|liststoreHorzAlign Center
cellalignment|liststoreHorzAlign Right
cellalignment|liststoreHorzAlign Justified
cellalignment|liststoreHorzAlign Filled
cellalignment|liststoreHorzAlign Distributed
cellalignment|extended_tip|comboboxHorzAlign Select the horizontal alignment option that you want to apply to the cell contents.
cellalignment|liststoreVertAlign Default
cellalignment|liststoreVertAlign Top
cellalignment|liststoreVertAlign Middle
cellalignment|liststoreVertAlign Bottom
cellalignment|liststoreVertAlign Justified
cellalignment|liststoreVertAlign Distributed
cellalignment|extended_tip|comboboxVertAlign Select the vertical alignment option that you want to apply to the cell contents.
cellalignment|LabelTextAlig Text Alignment
cellalignment|labelSTR_BOTTOMLOCK Text Extension From Lower Cell Border


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