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javaclasspathdialog|label1 A_ssigned folders and archives
extended_tip|paths Specifies the location of Java classes or Java class libraries.
javaclasspathdialog|archive _Add Archive...
extended_tip|archive Select an archive file in jar or zip format and add the file to the class path.
javaclasspathdialog|folder Add _Folder
extended_tip|folder Select a folder and add the folder to the class path.
javaclasspathdialog|remove _Remove
extended_tip|remove Select an archive or a folder in the list and click Remove to remove the object from the class path.
extended_tip|JavaClassPath Specifies the location of Java classes or Java class libraries.
javastartparametersdialog|JavaStartParameters Java Start Parameters
javastartparametersdialog|label4 Java start _parameter
extended_tip|parameterfield Enter a start parameter for a JRE as you would on a command line. Click Add to include the parameter to the list of available start parameters.
javastartparametersdialog|label5 Assig_ned start parameters
extended_tip|assignlist Lists the assigned JRE start parameters. To remove a start parameter, select the parameter, and then click Remove.
javastartparametersdialog|label6 For example: -Dmyprop=c:\\program files\\java
javastartparametersdialog|assignbtn _Add
extended_tip|assignbtn Adds the current JRE start parameter to the list.
javastartparametersdialog|editbtn _Edit
extended_tip|editbtn Opens a dialog where the selected JRE start parameter can be edited.
javastartparametersdialog|removebtn _Remove
extended_tip|removebtn Deletes the selected JRE start parameter.
langtoolconfigpage|disclaimer If you enable this, the data will be sent to an external server.
langtoolconfigpage|policy Please read the privacy policy
langtoolconfigpage|activate Enable LanguageTool
langtoolconfigpage|base Base URL:
langtoolconfigpage|usernamelbl Username:
langtoolconfigpage|apikeylbl API key:
langtoolconfigpage|urldesc Please use the base URL, i.e., without “/check”, at the end.
langtoolconfigpage|usernamedesc Your LanguageTool account’s username for premium usage.
langtoolconfigpage|apikeydesc Your LanguageTool account’s API key for premium usage.
langtoolconfigpage|apisettingsheader API Settings


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