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STR_NO_CONNECTION_GIVEN No connection to the database exists.
STR_WRONG_PARAM_INDEX You tried to set a parameter at position “$pos$” but there is/are only “$count$” parameter(s) allowed. One reason may be that the property “ParameterNameSubstitution” is not set to TRUE in the data source.
STR_NO_INPUTSTREAM The input stream was not set.
STR_NO_ELEMENT_NAME There is no element named “$name$”.
STR_INVALID_BOOKMARK Invalid bookmark value
STR_PRIVILEGE_NOT_GRANTED Privilege not granted: Only table privileges can be granted.
STR_PRIVILEGE_NOT_REVOKED Privilege not revoked: Only table privileges can be revoked.
STR_ERRORMSG_SEQUENCE Function sequence error.
STR_INVALID_INDEX Invalid descriptor index.
STR_UNSUPPORTED_FUNCTION The driver does not support the function “$functionname$”.
STR_UNSUPPORTED_FEATURE The driver does not support the functionality for “$featurename$”. It is not implemented.
STR_FORMULA_WRONG The formula for TypeInfoSettings is wrong!
STR_STRING_LENGTH_EXCEEDED The string “$string$” exceeds the maximum length of $maxlen$ characters when converted to the target character set “$charset$”.
STR_CANNOT_CONVERT_STRING The string “$string$” cannot be converted using the encoding “$charset$”.
STR_URI_SYNTAX_ERROR The connection URL is invalid.
STR_QUERY_TOO_COMPLEX The query cannot be executed. It is too complex.
STR_OPERATOR_TOO_COMPLEX The query cannot be executed. The operator is too complex.
STR_QUERY_INVALID_LIKE_COLUMN The query cannot be executed. You cannot use “LIKE” with columns of this type.


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