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STR_PARA_ONLY_PREPARED Parameters can appear only in prepared statements.
STR_NO_TABLE No such table!
STR_NO_MAC_OS_FOUND No suitable macOS installation was found.
STR_NO_STORAGE The connection can not be established. No storage or URL was given.
STR_INVALID_FILE_URL The given URL contains no valid local file system path. Please check the location of your database file.
STR_NO_TABLE_CONTAINER An error occurred while obtaining the connection’s table container.
STR_NO_TABLENAME There is no table named “$tablename$”.
STR_NO_DOCUMENTUI The provided DocumentUI is not allowed to be NULL.
STR_ERROR_NEW_VERSION The connection could not be established. The database was created by a newer version of %PRODUCTNAME.
STR_ROW_SET_OPERATION_VETOED The record operation has been vetoed.
STR_PARSER_CYCLIC_SUB_QUERIES The statement contains a cyclic reference to one or more subqueries.
STR_DB_OBJECT_NAME_WITH_SLASHES The name must not contain any slashes (“/”).
STR_DB_INVALID_SQL_NAME $1$ is no SQL conform identifier.
STR_DB_QUERY_NAME_WITH_QUOTES Query names must not contain quote characters.
STR_DB_OBJECT_NAME_IS_USED The name “$1$” is already in use in the database.
STR_DB_NOT_CONNECTED No connection to the database exists.
STR_DATA_CANNOT_SELECT_UNFILTERED Unable to display the complete table content. Please apply a filter.
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stock _Apply
stock _Cancel
stock _Close
stock _Delete
stock _Edit
stock _Help
stock _New
stock _No
stock _OK
stock _Remove
stock _Reset
stock _Yes
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The following string has different context, but the same source.
Empty LibreOffice UI - master/connectivity/messages


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