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Context English Swedish Actions
STR_LINES_ONLY Lines Only Endast linjer
STR_LINES_3D 3D Lines 3D-linjer
STR_TYPE_COMBI_COLUMN_LINE Column and Line Stapel och linje
STR_LINE_COLUMN Columns and Lines Staplar och linjer
STR_LINE_STACKEDCOLUMN Stacked Columns and Lines Staplade staplar och linjer
STR_TYPE_NET Net Radardiagram
STR_STOCK_1 Stock Chart 1 Kursdiagram 1
STR_STOCK_2 Stock Chart 2 Kursdiagram 2
STR_STOCK_3 Stock Chart 3 Kursdiagram 3
STR_STOCK_4 Stock Chart 4 Kursdiagram 4
STR_NORMAL Normal Normal
STR_STACKED Stacked Staplat
STR_PERCENT Percent Stacked Procent staplade
STR_DEEP Deep Djup
STR_FILLED Filled Fylld
STR_BUBBLE_1 Bubble Chart Bubbeldiagram
STR_INVALID_NUMBER Numbers are required. Check your input. Ogiltigt tal
STR_STEP_GT_ZERO The major interval requires a positive number. Check your input. Intervall måste vara större än 0.
STR_BAD_LOGARITHM The logarithmic scale requires positive numbers. Check your input. Den logaritmiska skalan kräver positiva tal. Kontrollera dina indata.
STR_MIN_GREATER_MAX The minimum must be lower than the maximum. Check your input. Minimumet måste vara lägre än maximumet. Kontrollera dina indata.
STR_INVALID_INTERVALS The major interval needs to be greater than the minor interval. Check your input. Huvudintervallet måste vara större än delintervallet. Kontrollera inmatningen.
STR_INVALID_TIME_UNIT The major and minor interval need to be greater or equal to the resolution. Check your input. Huvudinternallet och delintervallet måste vara större eller lika med upplösningen. Kontrollera inmatningen.
3dviewdialog|3DViewDialog 3D View 3D-vy
chardialog|CharDialog Character Tecken
chardialog|font Font Teckensnitt
chardialog|fonteffects Font Effects Teckeneffekter
chardialog|position Position Position
chartdatadialog|ChartDataDialog Data Table Datatabell
chartdatadialog|InsertRow Insert Row Infoga rad
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