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managebreakpoints|extended_tip|pass Specify the number of loops to perform before the breakpoint takes effect.
managebreakpoints|label2 Pass count:
managebreakpoints|label1 Breakpoints
managebreakpoints|extended_tip|ManageBreakpointsDialog Specifies the options for breakpoints.
managelanguages|ManageLanguagesDialog Manage User Interface Languages [$1]
managelanguages|label1 Present languages:
managelanguages|label2 The default language is used if no localization for a user interface locale is present. Furthermore all strings from the default language are copied to resources of newly added languages.
managelanguages|add Add...
managelanguages|default Default
modulepage|label1 M_odule:
modulepage|extended_tip|library Lists the existing macro libraries for the current application and any open documents.
modulepage|extended_tip|edit Opens the Basic editor so that you can modify the selected library.
modulepage|newmodule _New...
modulepage|extended_tip|newmodule Opens the editor and creates a new module.
modulepage|newdialog _New...
modulepage|extended_tip|newdialog Lets you manage the macro libraries.
modulepage|extended_tip|delete Creates a new macro, or deletes the selected macro.
modulepage|password _Password...
modulepage|extended_tip|password Assigns or edits the password for the selected library.
modulepage|import _Import...
modulepage|extended_tip|import Locate the Basic library that you want to add to the current list, and then click Open.
modulepage|export _Export...
modulepage|extended_tip|ModulePage Lists the existing modules or dialogs.
newlibdialog|extended_tip|ok Runs or saves the current macro.
newlibdialog|area _Name:
newlibdialog|extended_tip|NewLibDialog Enter a name for the new library or module.
organizedialog|OrganizeDialog Basic Macro Organizer
organizedialog|modules Modules
organizedialog|dialogs Dialogs
organizedialog|libraries Libraries
sortmenu|macrosort _Sorting


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