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dockingwatch|RID_STR_WATCHTYPE Type
exportdialog|ExportDialog Export Basic library
exportdialog|extension Export as _extension
exportdialog|basic Export as BASIC library
gotolinedialog|GotoLineDialog Go to Line
gotolinedialog|area _Line number:
importlibdialog|ImportLibDialog Import Libraries
importlibdialog|ref Insert as reference (read-only)
importlibdialog|extended_tip|ref Adds the selected library as a read-only file. The library is reloaded each time you start the office suite.
importlibdialog|replace Replace existing libraries
importlibdialog|extended_tip|replace Replaces a library that has the same name with the current library.
importlibdialog|label1 Options
importlibdialog|extended_tip|ImportLibDialog Enter a name or the path to the library that you want to append. You can also select a library from the list.
libpage|label1 L_ocation:
libpage|extended_tip|location Select the application or the document containing the macro libraries that you want to organize.
libpage|lingudictsft _Library:
libpage|extended_tip|library Deletes the selected element or elements after confirmation.
libpage|extended_tip|edit Opens the Basic editor so that you can modify the selected library.
libpage|password _Password...
libpage|extended_tip|password Assigns or edits the password for the selected library.
libpage|new _New...
libpage|extended_tip|new Creates a new library.
libpage|import _Import...
libpage|extended_tip|import Locate the Basic library that you want to add to the current list, and then click Open.
libpage|export _Export...
libpage|extended_tip|delete Deletes the selected element or elements without requiring confirmation.
libpage|extended_tip|LibPage Select the application or the document containing the macro libraries that you want to organize.
managebreakpoints|ManageBreakpointsDialog Manage Breakpoints
managebreakpoints|extended_tip|new Creates a breakpoint on the line number specified.
managebreakpoints|extended_tip|delete Deletes the selected breakpoint.
managebreakpoints|active Active


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