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extended_tip|addfile Opens a folder selection dialog. Select a folder from which all macros are allowed to execute.
extended_tip|removefile Removes the selected folder from the list of trusted file locations.
extended_tip|locations Document macros are only executed if they have been opened from one of the following locations.
securitytrustpage|label4 Trusted File Locations Posizions dai file atendibilis
selectcertificatedialog|SelectCertificateDialog Select X.509 Certificate
selectcertificatedialog|sign Select the certificate you want to use for signing: Selezione il certificât di doprâ pe firme:
selectcertificatedialog|encrypt Select the certificate you want to use for encryption: Selezione il certificât di doprâ pe cifradure:
selectcertificatedialog|issuedto Issued to Dât fûr a
selectcertificatedialog|issuedby Issued by Dât fûr di
selectcertificatedialog|type Type Gjenar
selectcertificatedialog|expiration Expiration date Scjadince
selectcertificatedialog|usage Certificate usage Ûs dal certificât
selectcertificatedialog|extended_tip|signatures Select the certificate that you want to digitally sign the current document with.
selectcertificatedialog|viewcert View Certificate... Visualize certificât...
selectcertificatedialog|extended_tip|viewcert Opens the View Certificate dialog where you can examine the selected certificate.
selectcertificatedialog|label2 Description: Descrizion:
selectcertificatedialog|extended_tip|description Type a purpose for the signature.
selectcertificatedialog|extended_tip|SelectCertificateDialog Select the certificate that you want to digitally sign the current document with.
viewcertdialog|ViewCertDialog View Certificate Visualize certificât
viewcertdialog|general General Gjenerâl
viewcertdialog|details Details Detais
viewcertdialog|path Certification Path Percors de certificazion
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