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Context English Kashmiri Actions
navigatorcontextmenu|STR_OUTLINE_CONTENT Outline Folding
navigatorcontextmenu|STR_OUTLINE_TRACKING Outline Tracking
navigatorcontextmenu|STR_OUTLINE_LEVEL Outline Level
navigatorcontextmenu|STR_DRAGMODE Drag Mode
navigatorcontextmenu|STR_DISPLAY Display
navigatorpanel|hyperlink Insert as Hyperlink
navigatorpanel|link Insert as Link
navigatorpanel|copy Insert as Copy
navigatorpanel|STR_INDEX _Index
navigatorpanel|STR_FILE File
navigatorpanel|STR_NEW_FILE New Document
navigatorpanel|STR_INSERT_TEXT Text
navigatorpanel|contenttoggle|tooltip_text Toggle Master View
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|contenttoggle Switches between master view and normal view if a master document is open.
navigatorpanel|spinbutton|tooltip_text Go to Page
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|spinbutton Enter page number and press Enter. Use arrows to move to next page forward or backward.
navigatorpanel|root|tooltip_text Content Navigation View
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|root Switches between the display of all categories in the Navigator and the selected category.
navigatorpanel|header|tooltip_text Header صفحہ کےاوپرکا حاشیہ
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|header Moves the cursor to the header, or from the header to the document text area.
navigatorpanel|footer|tooltip_text Footer صفحےکاحاشیہ
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|footer Moves the cursor to the footer, or from the footer to the document text area.
navigatorpanel|anchor|tooltip_text Anchor<->Text
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|anchor Jumps between the footnote text and the footnote anchor.
navigatorpanel|reminder|tooltip_text Set Reminder
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|reminder Click here to set a reminder at the current cursor position. You can define up to five reminders. To jump to a reminder, click the Navigation icon, in the Navigation window click the Reminder icon, and then click the Previous or Next button.
navigatorpanel|headings|tooltip_text Heading Levels Shown
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|headings Click this icon, and then choose the number of heading outline levels that you want to view in the Navigator window.
navigatorpanel|listbox|tooltip_text List Box On/Off
navigatorpanel|extended_tip|listbox Shows or hides the Navigator list.
navigatorpanel|promote|tooltip_text Promote Level سطح کوبڑھائیے


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