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mmlayoutpage|label6 _From top ہ۪یرئ پیٹھئ
mmlayoutpage|top 2.00
mmlayoutpage|extended_tip|top Enter the amount of space to leave between the top edge of the page and the top edge of the address block.
mmlayoutpage|align Align to text body
mmlayoutpage|extended_tip|align Aligns the frame that contains the address block to the left page margin.
mmlayoutpage|extended_tip|left Enter the amount of space to leave between the left edge of the page and the left edge of the address block.
mmlayoutpage|leftft From _left كھوفر كینیتھ
mmlayoutpage|label2 Address Block Position
mmlayoutpage|label4 Move موڈ
mmlayoutpage|label5 Move موڈ
mmlayoutpage|up _Up
mmlayoutpage|extended_tip|up Moves the salutation up.
mmlayoutpage|down _Down نیچے
mmlayoutpage|extended_tip|down Moves the salutation down.
mmlayoutpage|label3 Salutation Position
mmlayoutpage|label7 _Zoom زوم
mmlayoutpage|zoom Entire page سۄری صفحہ
mmlayoutpage|extended_tip|zoom Select a magnification for the print preview.
mmlayoutpage|example-atkobject Preview
mmlayoutpage|extended_tip|example Provides a preview of the salutation positioning on the page.
mmlayoutpage|label1 Adjust Layout of Address Block and Salutation
mmlayoutpage|extended_tip|MMLayoutPage Specify the position of the address blocks and salutations on the documents.
mmmailbody|MailBodyDialog Email Message
mmmailbody|bodyft Write your message here آپ کا پیام ادھر لکھو
mmmailbody|extended_tip|bodymle Enter the main text of the email.
mmmailbody|greeting This email should contain a salutation
mmmailbody|extended_tip|greeting Adds a salutation to the email.
mmmailbody|generalft General salutation عام آداب
mmmailbody|extended_tip|general Select the default greeting to use if a personalized salutation cannot be created.
mmmailbody|femalefi Address list field indicating a female recipient ایڈریس فہرست میں وصول کنندہ مونث شبعہ ‎ظاہر ہوگا
mmmailbody|femaleft _Female مونث


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