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editsectiondialog|extended_tip|dde Creates a DDE link. Select this check box, and then enter the DDE command that you want to use. The DDE option is only available if the Link check box is selected.
editsectiondialog|file Browse... براؤز
editsectiondialog|extended_tip|file Locate the file that you want to insert as a link, and then click Insert.
editsectiondialog|extended_tip|filename Enter the path and the filename for the file that you want to insert, or click the Browse button to locate the file.
editsectiondialog|sectionft _Section انتخاب
editsectiondialog|extended_tip|section Select the section in the file that you want to insert as a link.
editsectiondialog|filenameft _File name فائل کانام
editsectiondialog|ddeft DDE _Command
editsectiondialog|label8 Link کڑی
editsectiondialog|protect _Protect
editsectiondialog|extended_tip|protect Prevents the selected section from being edited.
editsectiondialog|withpassword Wit_h password
editsectiondialog|extended_tip|withpassword Protects the selected section with a password. The password must have a minimum of 5 characters.
editsectiondialog|password Password...
editsectiondialog|extended_tip|password Opens a dialog where you can change the current password.
editsectiondialog|label6 Write Protection سائزمحفوظ
editsectiondialog|hide Hide ژورئ تھٲویو
editsectiondialog|extended_tip|hide Hides and prevents the selected section from being printed.
editsectiondialog|conditionft _With Condition
editsectiondialog|extended_tip|condition Enter the condition that must be met to hide the section.
editsectiondialog|label4 Hide ژورئ تھٲویو
editsectiondialog|editinro E_ditable in read-only document
editsectiondialog|label9 Properties خصوصیات
editsectiondialog|extended_tip|EditSectionDialog Sets the properties of the section.
endnotepage|label19 Numbering نمبردینا
endnotepage|label22 Before پہلے
endnotepage|offset Start at میں شروع کرو
endnotepage|label25 After بعد
endnotepage|extended_tip|offsetnf Enter the number for the first endnote in the document.
endnotepage|extended_tip|prefix Enter the text that you want to display in front of the endnote number in the note text.
endnotepage|extended_tip|suffix Enter the text that you want to display after the endnote number in the note text.
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