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Context English Kashmiri Actions
tocdialog|example-atkobject Preview پچھلا
tocentriespage|levelft _Level سطح
tocentriespage|typeft _Type ٹائپ
tocentriespage|label4 _Structure: اسٹركچر
tocentriespage|all _All سئری
tocentriespage|extended_tip|all Applies the current settings to all levels without closing the dialog.
tocentriespage|extended_tip|token Displays the remainder of the Structure line.
tocentriespage|label5 Character style: باب اسٹائلس
tocentriespage|edit _Edit... ایڈیٹ
tocentriespage|extended_tip|edit Opens a dialog where you can edit the selected character style.
tocentriespage|extended_tip|charstyle Specify the character style for the selected part on the Structure line.
tocentriespage|fillcharft Fill character:
tocentriespage|extended_tip|fillchar Select the tab leader that you want use.
tocentriespage|tabstopposft Tab stop position:
tocentriespage|extended_tip|tabstoppos Enter the distance to leave between the left page margin and the tab stop.
tocentriespage|alignright Align right دَچُھن كُن دیو ترتیب
tocentriespage|extended_tip|alignright Aligns the tab stop to the right page margin.
tocentriespage|chapterentryft Chapter entry:
tocentriespage|chapterentry Number range only
tocentriespage|chapterentry Description only
tocentriespage|chapterentry Number range and description
tocentriespage|extended_tip|chapterentry Select the chapter information that you want to include in the index entry.
tocentriespage|entryoutlinelevelft Evaluate up to level:
tocentriespage|extended_tip|entryoutlinelevel Enter the maximum hierarchy level down to which objects are shown in the generated index.
tocentriespage|numberformatft Format: فورمیٹ
tocentriespage|numberformat Number نمبر
tocentriespage|numberformat Number without separator
tocentriespage|extended_tip|numberformat Only visible when you click the E# button in the Structure line. Select to show the chapter number with or without separator.
tocentriespage|extended_tip|authfield To add an entry to the Structure line, click the entry, click in an empty box on the Structure line, and then click Insert.
tocentriespage|insert _Insert دئخل کرُن
tocentriespage|extended_tip|insert Adds the reference code for the selected bibliography entry to the Structure line. Select an entry in the list, click in an empty box, and then click this button.
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Needs editing LibreOffice UI – 7.2/editeng/messages


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