English UA8EY
Context English Kashmiri Actions
mailmerge|rtf RT_F RT~F
mailmerge|swriter %PRODUCTNAME Writer %PRODUCTNAMEرائٹر
mailmerge|passwd-check Save with password
mailmerge|passwd-label Password field:
mailmerge|singledocument S_ave as single document واحد دستاویز کو محفوظ کرو
mailmerge|extended_tip|singledocument Create one big document containing all data records.
mailmerge|individualdocuments Sa_ve as individual documents دستاویزات انفرادی طور پر محفوظ کرو
mailmerge|extended_tip|individualdocuments Create one document for each data record.
mailmerge|savemergeddoclabel Save Merged Document
mailmerge|outputlabel Output آؤٹ پٹ
mailmerge|extended_tip|MailmergeDialog The Mail Merge dialog helps you in printing and saving form letters.
mailmergedialog|MailMergeDialog Mail Merge میل ملانا
mailmergedialog|document From this _document
mailmergedialog|template From a _template ٹیمپلیٹ سے
mailmergedialog|label1 Create بنٲوئن
managechangessidebar|accept _Accept قبول
managechangessidebar|reject _Reject
managechangessidebar|acceptall A_ccept All سب منظور
managechangessidebar|rejectall R_eject All تمام مستردکرو
managechangessidebar|undo _Undo
managechangessidebar|writeredit Edit Comment... رائےكریو ادارت
managechangessidebar|writersort Sort By سارٹ بئی
managechangessidebar|writeraction Action سیكشنس
managechangessidebar|writerauthor Author مصنف
managechangessidebar|writerdate Date تاریخ
managechangessidebar|writerdesc Comment نوٹ
managechangessidebar|writerposition Document Position
readonlymenu|STR_UPDATE _Update
mastercontextmenu|STR_UPDATE_SEL Selection
mastercontextmenu|STR_UPDATE_INDEX Indexes
mastercontextmenu|STR_UPDATE_SEL Links
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Needs editing LibreOffice UI – 7.2/svx/messages


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