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tocindexpage|label1 Create Index or Table of Contents
tocindexpage|fromheadings Outline آؤٹ لائن
tocindexpage|extended_tip|fromheadings Creates the index using outline levels. Paragraphs formatted with one of the predefined heading styles (Heading 1-10) are added to the index.
tocindexpage|indexmarks Inde_x marks
tocindexpage|extended_tip|indexmarks Includes the index entries that you inserted by choosing Insert - Table of Contents and Index - Index Entry in the index.
tocindexpage|fromtables Tables جد ولیں
tocindexpage|extended_tip|fromtables Includes tables in the index.
tocindexpage|fromframes Te_xt frames متن فریم
tocindexpage|extended_tip|fromframes Includes frames in the index.
tocindexpage|fromgraphics Graphics اشکال
tocindexpage|extended_tip|fromgraphics Includes graphics in the index.
tocindexpage|fromoles OLE objects OLE آبجیكٹس
tocindexpage|extended_tip|fromoles Includes OLE objects in the index.
tocindexpage|uselevel Use level from source chapter
tocindexpage|extended_tip|uselevel Indents table, graphic, frame, and OLE object index entries according their place in the chapter heading hierarchy.
tocindexpage|addstylescb _Additional styles مشروط اسٹائلز
tocindexpage|extended_tip|addstylescb Includes the paragraph styles that you specify in the Assign Styles dialog as index entries. To select the paragraph styles that you want to include in the index, click the Assign Styles (...) button to the right of this box.
tocindexpage|stylescb Styl_es اسٹائلز
tocindexpage|styles Assign styles...
tocindexpage|extended_tip|styles Opens the Assign Styles dialog, where you can select the paragraph styles to include in the index. Choose the proper heading level on which the style will be included in the index.
tocindexpage|captions Captions آپشنس
tocindexpage|extended_tip|captions Creates index entries from object captions.
tocindexpage|objnames Object names آبجیکٹ ناو
tocindexpage|extended_tip|objnames Creates index entries from object names.
tocindexpage|categoryft Category: درجہ
tocindexpage|extended_tip|category Select the caption category that you want to use for the index entries.
tocindexpage|displayft Display: ہاو
tocindexpage|display References حوالہ جات
tocindexpage|display Category and Number درجہ اورنمبر
tocindexpage|display Caption Text کیپشن متن
tocindexpage|extended_tip|display Select the part of the caption that you want to use for index entries.


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