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splittable|copyheading Copy heading عنوان نقل کرو
splittable|extended_tip|copyheading Includes the first row of the original table as the first row of the second table.
splittable|customheadingapplystyle Custom heading (apply Style) کسٹم عنوان(اسٹائل لاگو کرو)
splittable|extended_tip|customheadingapplystyle Inserts a blank header row in the second table that is formatted with the style of the first row in the original table.
splittable|customheading Custom heading کسٹم عنوان
splittable|extended_tip|customheading Inserts an additional blank row in the second table.
splittable|noheading No heading کوئی عنوان نہیں
splittable|extended_tip|noheading Splits the table without copying the header row.
splittable|label1 Mode موڈ
splittable|extended_tip|SplitTableDialog Splits the current table into two separate tables at the cursor position.
statisticsinfopage|label4 Pages: صفحات
statisticsinfopage|label5 Tables: جد ولیں
statisticsinfopage|label6 Images:
statisticsinfopage|label31 OLE objects: OLE آبجیكٹس
statisticsinfopage|label32 Paragraphs: پیراگراف
statisticsinfopage|label33 Words: الفاظ
statisticsinfopage|label34 Characters: الفاظ
statisticsinfopage|label35 Characters excluding spaces:
statisticsinfopage|lineft Lines: لکیریں
statisticsinfopage|update Update اپ ڈیٹ کریو
statisticsinfopage|extended_tip|StatisticsInfoPage Displays statistics for the current file.
stringinput|name Name نام
stringinput|extended_tip|edit Enter a name for the new AutoFormat, and then click OK.
subjectdialog|SubjectDialog No Subject
subjectdialog|textbuffer1 You did not specify a subject for this message.
subjectdialog|textbuffer2 If you would like to provide one, please type it now.
subjectdialog|label1 Subject: مضمون :
tablecolumnpage|adaptwidth Adapt table _width
tablecolumnpage|extended_tip|adaptwidth Reduces or increases table width with modified column width.
tablecolumnpage|adaptcolumns Ad_just columns proportionally
tablecolumnpage|extended_tip|adaptcolumns If possible, change in column width will be equal for each column.


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