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Context English Kashmiri Actions
extended_tip|test Opens the Test Account Settings dialog to test the current settings.
mailconfigpage|label2 Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings
extended_tip|MailConfigPage Specifies the user information and server settings for when you send form letters as email messages.
mailmerge|MailmergeDialog Mail Merge میل ملانا
mailmerge|all _All سئری
mailmerge|extended_tip|all Processes all the records from the database.
mailmerge|selected _Selected records منتخبہ ریکارڈز
mailmerge|extended_tip|selected Processes only the marked records from the database. This option is only available when you have previously marked the necessary records in the database.
mailmerge|rbfrom _From: سے
mailmerge|extended_tip|rbfrom Specify the number of the first record to be printed.
mailmerge|extended_tip|from Specify the number of the first record to be printed.
mailmerge|label3 _To: کو
mailmerge|extended_tip|to Specify the number of the last record to be printed.
mailmerge|recordslabel Records ریکارڈس
mailmerge|printer _Printer پرنٹر
mailmerge|extended_tip|printer Prints the form letters.
mailmerge|electronic _Electronic الیکٹرونک
mailmerge|file File فائل
mailmerge|extended_tip|file Saves the form letters in files.
mailmerge|singlejobs _Single print jobs واحدطباعتی کام
mailmerge|generate Generate file name from _database
mailmerge|extended_tip|generate Generate each file name from data contained in a database.
mailmerge|fieldlabel Field: شعبہ
mailmerge|pathlabel _Path: پاتھ:
mailmerge|fileformatlabel F_ile format: فائل فارمیٹ۔۔۔
mailmerge|extended_tip|field Uses the content of the selected database field as the file name for the form letter.
mailmerge|extended_tip|fileformat Select the file format to store the resulting document.
mailmerge|extended_tip|pathpb Opens the Select Path dialog.
mailmerge|extended_tip|path Specifies the path to store the form letters.
mailmerge|subjectlabel _Subject: مضمون :
mailmerge|attachmentslabel Attachments: جوڑےہوۓ


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