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tablepreviewdialog|description The list below shows the contents of: %1 نیچے دیکھائی گئی فہرست %1 سے مشمولات ہے
tableproperties|TablePropertiesDialog Table Properties جدول خصوصیات
tableproperties|table Table جد ول
tableproperties|textflow Text Flow
tableproperties|columns Columns کالمز
tableproperties|borders Borders کنارے
tableproperties|background Background پس منظر
tabletextflowpage|break _Break رخنہ
tabletextflowpage|extended_tip|break Select this check box, and then select the type of break that you want to associate with the table.
tabletextflowpage|page _Page صفحہ
tabletextflowpage|extended_tip|page Inserts a page break before or after the table.
tabletextflowpage|column Col_umn کالم
tabletextflowpage|extended_tip|column Inserts a column break before or after the table on a multi-column page.
tabletextflowpage|before Be_fore پہلے
tabletextflowpage|extended_tip|before Inserts a page or column break before the table.
tabletextflowpage|after _After بعد
tabletextflowpage|extended_tip|after Inserts a page or column break after the table.
tabletextflowpage|pagestyle With Page St_yle صفحہ كس سٹائلس ادارت
tabletextflowpage|extended_tip|pagestyle Applies the page style that you specify to the first page that follows the page break.
tabletextflowpage|pagenoft Page _number صفحہ نمبر
tabletextflowpage|extended_tip|pagenonf Enter the page number for the first page that follows the break. If you want to continue the current page numbering, leave the checkbox unchecked.
tabletextflowpage|pagestylelb-atkobject With Page Style صفحہ كس سٹائلس ادارت
tabletextflowpage|extended_tip|pagestylelb Select the page style that you want to apply to the first page that follows the break.
tabletextflowpage|split Allow _table to split across pages and columns
tabletextflowpage|extended_tip|split Allows a page break or column break between the rows of a table.
tabletextflowpage|splitrow Allow row to break a_cross pages and columns صفحات اورکالمزکےمخالف قطارکوتوڑنا
tabletextflowpage|extended_tip|splitrow Allows a page break or column break inside a row of the table.
tabletextflowpage|keep _Keep with next paragraph برونٹھمس پیراگریفس سعتھ تھئویو
tabletextflowpage|extended_tip|keep Keeps the table and the following paragraph together when you insert the break.
tabletextflowpage|label40 Text _orientation
tabletextflowpage|liststore1 Horizontal س۪یود


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