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outlinenumberingpage|label3 Paragraph style: پیراگراف اسٹائل
outlinenumberingpage|extended_tip|style Select the paragraph style that you want to assign to the selected chapter and outline level.
outlinenumberingpage|label4 Number: نمبر
outlinenumberingpage|label5 Character style: باب اسٹائلس
outlinenumberingpage|sublevelsft Show sublevels:
outlinenumberingpage|extended_tip|numbering Select the numbering scheme that you want to apply to the selected outline level.
outlinenumberingpage|extended_tip|charstyle Select the character style of the numbering character.
outlinenumberingpage|extended_tip|sublevelsnf Select the number of outline levels to include in the chapter numbering. For example, select "3" to display three levels of chapter numbering: 1.1.1
outlinenumberingpage|label10 Start at: میں شروع کرو
outlinenumberingpage|extended_tip|startat Enter the number that you want to restart the chapter numbering at.
outlinenumberingpage|label2 Numbering نمبردینا
outlinenumberingpage|label17 Preview
outlinenumberingpage|extended_tip|prefix Enter the text that you want to display before the chapter number.
outlinenumberingpage|extended_tip|suffix Enter the text that you want to display after the chapter number.
outlinenumberingpage|label8 Before: پہلے
outlinenumberingpage|label9 After: بعد
outlinenumberingpage|label7 Separator علیحدہ کرنےوالا
outlinepositionpage|extended_tip|levellb Select the level(s) that you want to modify.
outlinepositionpage|1 Level سطح
outlinepositionpage|numalign Numbering alignment: انڈینٹ ن نمبردیون
outlinepositionpage|liststore1 Left كھوفُر
outlinepositionpage|liststore1 Centered منزیم
outlinepositionpage|liststore1 Right دایاں
outlinepositionpage|extended_tip|numalignlb Set the alignment of the numbering symbols. Select "Left" to align the numbering symbol to start directly at the "Aligned at" position. Select "Right" to align the symbol to end directly before the "Aligned at" position. Select "Centered" to center the symbol around the "Aligned at" position.
outlinepositionpage|numdist Minimum space between
+numbering and text:
outlinepositionpage|extended_tip|numdistmf The alignment of the numbering symbol is adjusted to get the desired minimum space. If it is not possible because the numbering area is not wide enough, then the start of the text is adjusted.
outlinepositionpage|numberingwidth Width of numbering:
outlinepositionpage|extended_tip|numberingwidthmf Enter the width of the numbering area. The numbering symbol can be left, center or right in this area.
outlinepositionpage|relative Relative
outlinepositionpage|extended_tip|relative Indents the current level relative to the previous level in the list hierarchy.
outlinepositionpage|indent Indent: انڈینٹ
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