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Context English Kashmiri Actions
picturedialog|type Type ٹائپ
picturedialog|options Options آپشنس
picturedialog|wrap Wrap لپیٹنا
picturedialog|hyperlink Hyperlink ہائپرلنک
picturedialog|picture Image امیج
picturedialog|crop Crop کراپ
picturedialog|borders Borders کنارے
picturedialog|area Area علاقہ
picturedialog|transparence Transparency شفافیت
picturedialog|macro Macro ماکرو
picturepage|browse Browse... براؤز
picturepage|extended_tip|browse Locate the new graphic file that you want to link to, and then click Open.
picturepage|extended_tip|entry Displays the path to the linked graphic file. To change the link, click the Browse button and then locate the file that you want to link to.
picturepage|label1 _File name فائل کانام
picturepage|label11 Link کڑی
picturepage|vert _Vertically عمودی طریقےسے
picturepage|extended_tip|vert Flips the selected image vertically.
picturepage|hori Hori_zontally افقی طریقےسے
picturepage|extended_tip|hori Flips the selected image horizontally.
picturepage|allpages On all pages
picturepage|extended_tip|allpages Flips the selected image horizontally on all pages.
picturepage|leftpages On left pages
picturepage|extended_tip|leftpages Flips the selected image horizontally only on even pages.
picturepage|rightpages On right pages
picturepage|extended_tip|rightpages Flips the selected image horizontally only on odd pages.
picturepage|label2 Flip فلیپ کرو
picturepage|FT_ANGLE _Angle:
picturepage|CTL_ANGLE|tooltip_text Rotation Angle كون گتھ
picturepage|FT_ANGLEPRESETS Default _settings:
picturepage|label2 Rotation Angle كون گتھ
picturepage|label15 Type:
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