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linenumbering|extended_tip|positiondropdown Select where you want the line numbers to appear.
linenumbering|extended_tip|spacingspin Enter the amount of space that you want to leave between the line numbers and the text.
linenumbering|extended_tip|intervalspin Enter the counting interval for the line numbers.
linenumbering|intervallines lines لکیریں
linenumbering|view View منظر
linenumbering|text Text: مواد
linenumbering|every Every: ہرایک
linenumbering|extended_tip|textentry Enter the text that you want to use as a separator.
linenumbering|extended_tip|linesspin Enter the number of lines to leave between the separators.
linenumbering|lines lines لکیریں
linenumbering|separator Separator علیحدہ کرنےوالا
linenumbering|blanklines Blank lines سادہ لائنیں
linenumbering|extended_tip|blanklines Includes empty paragraphs in the line count.
linenumbering|linesintextframes Lines in text frames متن فریم میں لکیریں
linenumbering|extended_tip|linesintextframes Adds line numbers to text in frames. The numbering restarts in each frame, and is excluded from the line count in the main text area of the document.
linenumbering|showfooterheadernumbering Include header and footer
linenumbering|restarteverynewpage Restart every new page ہرنئےصفحےکوپھرسےآغازکرو
linenumbering|extended_tip|restarteverynewpage Restarts line numbering at the top of each page in the document.
linenumbering|count Count شمار
extended_tip|displayname Enter your name.
extended_tip|address Enter your email address for replies.
extended_tip|replyto Enter the address to use for email replies.
mailconfigpage|displayname_label _Your name:
mailconfigpage|address_label _Email address:
mailconfigpage|replytocb Send replies to _different email address
extended_tip|replytocb Uses the email address that you enter in the Reply address text box as the reply-to email address.
mailconfigpage|replyto_label _Reply address:
mailconfigpage|label1 User Information
extended_tip|server Enter the SMTP server name.
mailconfigpage|serverauthentication Ser_ver Authentication…
extended_tip|serverauthentication Opens the Server Authentication dialog where you can specify the server authentication settings for secure email.


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