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footnoteareapage|position Centered منزیم
footnoteareapage|position Right دایاں
footnoteareapage|extended_tip|position Select the horizontal alignment for the line that separates the main text from the footnote area.
footnoteareapage|extended_tip|style Select the formatting style for the separator line. If you do not want a separator line, choose "None".
footnoteareapage|extended_tip|color Select the color of the separator line.
footnoteareapage|extended_tip|length Enter the length of the separator line as a percentage of the page width area.
footnoteareapage|extended_tip|spacingtocontents Enter the amount of space to leave between the separator line and the first line of the footnote area.
footnoteareapage|extended_tip|thickness Select the thickness of the separator line.
footnoteareapage|label2 Separator Line
footnoteareapage|extended_tip|FootnoteAreaPage Specifies the layout options for footnotes, including the line that separates the footnote from the main body of document.
footnotepage|label6 Numbering نمبردینا
footnotepage|label7 Counting شمارکرو
footnotepage|label8 Before پہلے
footnotepage|pos Position مقام
footnotepage|offset Start at میں شروع کرو
footnotepage|label11 After بعد
footnotepage|pospagecb End of page صفحےکاآخر
footnotepage|extended_tip|pospagecb Displays footnotes at the bottom of the page.
footnotepage|posdoccb End of document دستاویزکےآخر میں
footnotepage|extended_tip|posdoccb Displays footnotes at the end of the document as endnotes.
footnotepage|extended_tip|offsetnf Enter the number for the first footnote in the document. This option is only available if you selected "Per Document" in the Counting box.
footnotepage|liststore1 Per page فی صفحہ
footnotepage|liststore1 Per chapter فی سبق
footnotepage|liststore1 Per document فی دستاویز
footnotepage|extended_tip|countinglb Select the numbering option for the footnotes.
footnotepage|extended_tip|prefix Enter the text that you want to display in front of the footnote number in the note text.
footnotepage|extended_tip|suffix Enter the text that you want to display after the footnote number in the note text.
footnotepage|extended_tip|numberinglb Select the numbering scheme that you want to use.
footnotepage|label3 Autonumbering خودکارشماری
footnotepage|label17 End of footnote زیرحشیہ کا اختتام
footnotepage|label18 Start of next page اگلےصفحےکی شروعات میں
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Needs editing LibreOffice UI – 7.2/cui/messages
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Needs editing LibreOffice UI – 7.2/sw/messages
Needs editing LibreOffice UI – 7.2/sw/messages
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