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fldvarpage|extended_tip|format In the Format list, define if the value is inserted as text or a number.
fldvarpage|label3 _Format
fldvarpage|invisible Invisi_ble
fldvarpage|extended_tip|invisible Hides the field contents in the document.
fldvarpage|label5 _Level سطح
fldvarpage|separatorft Se_parator
fldvarpage|level None نوٹ
fldvarpage|extended_tip|level Choose the heading or chapter level at which to restart numbering in the document.
fldvarpage|separator .
fldvarpage|extended_tip|separator Type the character that you want to use as a separator between the heading or chapter levels.
fldvarpage|label4 Numbering by Chapter
fldvarpage|nameft Na_me نام
fldvarpage|extended_tip|name Type the name of the user-defined field that you want to create.
fldvarpage|valueft _Value قیمت
fldvarpage|extended_tip|value Enter the contents that you want to add to a user-defined field.
fldvarpage|apply|tooltip_text Apply لاگوکر
fldvarpage|extended_tip|apply Adds the user-defined field to the Select list.
fldvarpage|delete|tooltip_text Delete خئرج کرُن
fldvarpage|extended_tip|delete Removes the user-defined field from the select list. You can only remove fields that are not used in the current document.
floatingnavigation|ST_TBL Table
floatingnavigation|ST_FRM Frame
floatingnavigation|ST_GRF Graphics
floatingnavigation|ST_OLE OLE object
floatingnavigation|ST_PGE Page
floatingnavigation|ST_OUTL Headings
floatingnavigation|ST_MARK Reminder
floatingnavigation|ST_DRW Drawing
floatingnavigation|ST_CTRL Control
floatingnavigation|STR_IMGBTN_PGE_UP Previous page
floatingnavigation|ST_REG Section
floatingnavigation|ST_BKM Bookmark
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Translated LibreOffice UI – 7.2/sw/messages
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