English CEZkG
Context English Kashmiri Actions
templatedialog2|position Position مقام
templatedialog2|asianlayout Asian Layout ایشیای لے آوٹ
templatedialog2|highlighting Highlighting نمایاں کران
templatedialog2|tabs Tabs ٹیبس
templatedialog2|dropcaps Drop Caps ڈراپ كیپس
templatedialog2|area Area علاقہ
templatedialog2|transparence Transparency شفافیت
templatedialog2|borders Borders کنارے
templatedialog2|condition Condition حالت
templatedialog2|outline Outline & List
templatedialog2|outline Set outline level, list style and line numbering for paragraph style.
templatedialog4|TemplateDialog4 Frame Style فریم سٹائل
templatedialog4|organizer Organizer
templatedialog4|type Type ٹائپ
templatedialog4|options Options آپشنس
templatedialog4|wrap Wrap لپیٹنا
templatedialog4|area Area علاقہ
templatedialog4|transparence Transparency شفافیت
templatedialog4|borders Borders کنارے
templatedialog4|columns Columns کالمز
templatedialog4|macros Macro ماکرو
templatedialog8|TemplateDialog8 Page Style صفحہ اسٹائل جیسے
templatedialog8|standard Standard
templatedialog8|organizer Organizer
templatedialog8|page Page صفحہ
templatedialog8|area Area علاقہ
templatedialog8|transparence Transparency شفافیت
templatedialog8|header Header صفحہ کےاوپرکا حاشیہ
templatedialog8|footer Footer صفحےکاحاشیہ
templatedialog8|borders Borders کنارے
templatedialog8|columns Columns کالمز
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Needs editing LibreOffice UI – 7.2/sw/messages
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Needs editing LibreOffice UI – 7.2/officecfg/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/UI
Needs editing LibreOffice UI – 7.2/sw/messages
Needs editing LibreOffice UI – 7.2/sc/messages
Needs editing LibreOffice UI – 7.2/sw/messages
Needs editing LibreOffice UI – 7.2/sw/messages
Needs editing LibreOffice UI – 7.2/sw/messages
Needs editing LibreOffice UI – 7.2/sd/messages
Needs editing LibreOffice UI – 7.2/sw/messages


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9 months ago
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9 months ago
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ks/sw/messages.po, string 4582