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frmtypepage|extended_tip|horianchor Select the reference point for the selected horizontal alignment option.
frmtypepage|extended_tip|horipos Select the horizontal alignment option for the object.
frmtypepage|vertposft _Vertical كھڈا
frmtypepage|extended_tip|vertpos Select the vertical alignment option for the object.
frmtypepage|extended_tip|byvert Enter the amount of space to leave between the top edge of the selected object and the reference point that you select in the To box.
frmtypepage|verttoft t_o
frmtypepage|extended_tip|vertanchor Select the reference point for the selected vertical alignment option.
frmtypepage|mirror _Mirror on even pages
frmtypepage|extended_tip|mirror Reverses the current horizontal alignment settings on even pages.
frmtypepage|followtextflow Keep inside text boundaries
frmtypepage|extended_tip|followtextflow Keeps the selected object within the layout boundaries of the text that the object is anchored to. To place the selected object anywhere in your document, do not select this option.
frmtypepage|label11 Position مقام
frmtypepage|extended_tip|FrameTypePage Specifies the size and the position of the selected object or frame on a page.
frmurlpage|extended_tip|url Enter the complete path to the file that you want to open.
frmurlpage|extended_tip|name Enter a name for the hyperlink.
frmurlpage|url_label _URL: URL
frmurlpage|name_label _Name: نام
frmurlpage|frame_label _Frame: فریم
frmurlpage|search _Browse... براؤز
frmurlpage|extended_tip|search Locate the file that you want the hyperlink to open, and then click Open.
frmurlpage|extended_tip|frame Specify the name of the frame where you want to open the targeted file.
frmurlpage|label1 Link to
frmurlpage|server _Server-side image map
frmurlpage|extended_tip|server Uses a server-side image map.
frmurlpage|client _Client-side image map
frmurlpage|extended_tip|client Uses the image map that you created for the selected object.
frmurlpage|label2 Image Map
frmurlpage|extended_tip|FrameURLPage Specify the properties of the hyperlink for the selected graphic, frame or OLE object.
gotopagedialog|GotoPageDialog Go to Page
gotopagedialog|page_count of $1
gotopagedialog|page_label Page: صفحات
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