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opttablepage|border B_order کنارئ
extended_tip|border Specifies that table cells have a border by default.
opttablepage|label1 New Table Defaults
opttablepage|numformatting _Number recognition نمبرپہچان
extended_tip|numformatting Specifies that numbers in a text table are recognized and formatted as numbers.
opttablepage|numfmtformatting N_umber format recognition
extended_tip|numfmtformatting If Number format recognition is not marked, only input in the format that has been set at the cell is accepted. Any other input resets the format to Text.
opttablepage|numalignment _Alignment ترتیب واری
extended_tip|numalignment Specifies that numbers are always bottom right aligned in the cell.
opttablepage|label2 Input in Tables
opttablepage|label10 Behavior of rows/columns
opttablepage|fix _Fixed طےشدہ
extended_tip|fix Specifies that changes to a row or column only affect the corresponding adjacent area.
opttablepage|fixprop Fi_xed, proportional
extended_tip|fixprop Specifies that changes to a row or column have an effect on the entire table.
opttablepage|var _Variable تغیر
extended_tip|var Specifies that changes to a row or column affect the table size.
opttablepage|label11 Changes affect the adjacent area only
opttablepage|label12 Changes affect the entire table
opttablepage|label13 Changes affect the table size
opttablepage|label4 Move cells
extended_tip|rowmove Specifies the value to be used for moving a row.
extended_tip|colmove Specifies the value to be used for moving a column.
opttablepage|label5 _Row: سطور
opttablepage|label6 _Column: کالمز
extended_tip|rowinsert Specifies the default value for inserting rows.
extended_tip|colinsert Specifies the default value for inserting columns.
opttablepage|label15 Ro_w:
opttablepage|label16 Colu_mn: کالم
opttablepage|label14 Insert cell شے کو داخل کرنا
opttablepage|label3 Keyboard Handling
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