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footnotesendnotestabpage|extended_tip|ftnnumviewbox Select the numbering scheme for the footnotes.
footnotesendnotestabpage|extended_tip|ftnprefix Enter the text that you want to display in front of the footnote number.
footnotesendnotestabpage|ftnprefix_label Be_fore: پہلے
footnotesendnotestabpage|ftnntattextend Collec_t at end of text
footnotesendnotestabpage|extended_tip|ftnntattextend Adds footnotes at the end of the section. If the section spans more than one page, the footnotes are added to the bottom of the page on which the footnote anchors appear.
footnotesendnotestabpage|label1 Footnotes حاشیہ كی تحریر
footnotesendnotestabpage|endntattextend C_ollect at end of section
footnotesendnotestabpage|extended_tip|endntattextend Adds endnotes at the end of the section.
footnotesendnotestabpage|endntnum _Restart numbering نمبردینادوبارہ شروع کرو
footnotesendnotestabpage|extended_tip|endntnum Restarts the endnote numbering at the number that you specify.
footnotesendnotestabpage|extended_tip|endoffset Enter the number that you want to assign the endnote.
footnotesendnotestabpage|endoffset_label _Start at: میں شروع کرو
footnotesendnotestabpage|endntnumfmt _Custom format
footnotesendnotestabpage|extended_tip|endntnumfmt Specifies a custom numbering format for endnotes.
footnotesendnotestabpage|extended_tip|endsuffix Enter the text that you want to display after the endnote number.
footnotesendnotestabpage|endsuffix_label Aft_er: بعد
footnotesendnotestabpage|extended_tip|endnumviewbox Select the numbering scheme for the endnotes.
footnotesendnotestabpage|extended_tip|endprefix Enter the text that you want to display in front of the endnote number
footnotesendnotestabpage|endprefix_label Be_fore: پہلے
footnotesendnotestabpage|label2 Endnotes اختتامی نوٹ
footnotesendnotestabpage|extended_tip|FootnotesEndnotesTabPage Specifies where footnotes and endnotes are displayed as well as their numbering formats.
formatsectiondialog|FormatSectionDialog Options آپشنس
formatsectiondialog|columns Columns کالمز
formatsectiondialog|indents Indents انڈینٹس
formatsectiondialog|background Background پس منظر
formatsectiondialog|notes Footnotes/Endnotes زیر ورق حاشیے
formattablepage|nameft _Name نام
formattablepage|widthft W_idth كھجر
formattablepage|extended_tip|name Enter an internal name for the table. You can use this name to quickly locate the table in the Navigator.
formattablepage|relwidth Relati_ve
formattablepage|extended_tip|relwidth Displays the width of the table as a percentage of the page width.
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