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Context English Kashmiri
optgeneralpage|never _Never
extended_tip|never Links are never updated while loading a document.
optgeneralpage|label1 Update Links when Loading
optgeneralpage|label5 _Measurement unit:
extended_tip|metric Specifies the unit of measurement for text documents.
optgeneralpage|tablabel _Tab stops: ٹیب رکا وٹ
extended_tip|tab Specifies the spacing between the individual tab stops.
optgeneralpage|usecharunit _Enable char unit
extended_tip|usecharunit When this setting is enabled, the measurement units of indents and spacing on Format - Paragraph - Indents & Spacing tab will be character (ch) and line.
optgeneralpage|squaremode _Use square page mode for text grid
extended_tip|squaremode When this setting is enabled, the text grid will look like square page.
optgeneralpage|label3 Settings ترتیب
optgeneralpage|label7 _Additional separators:
optgeneralpage|standardizedpageshow Show standardized page count
optgeneralpage|labelstandardpages Characters per standardized page:
optgeneralpage|label4 Word Count الفاظ شمار
extended_tip|OptGeneralPage Specifies general settings for text documents.
optredlinepage|insert_label _Attributes: ایٹری بیوٹس
optredlinepage|insertcolor_label Co_lor:
optredlinepage|insert [None] [کوئی نہیں]
optredlinepage|insert Bold جلی
optredlinepage|insert Italic ترچھئ
optredlinepage|insert Underlined خط کشیدئ كرمُت
optredlinepage|insert Underlined: double خط کشیدہ:ڈبل
optredlinepage|insert Strikethrough سٹرائک تھرو
optredlinepage|insert Uppercase
optredlinepage|insert Lowercase لوورکیس
optredlinepage|insert Small caps چھوٹا بڑا لفظ
optredlinepage|insert Title font
optredlinepage|insert Background color پس۪ی منظرُك رنگ
extended_tip|insert Specifies how changes in the document are displayed when text is inserted.
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