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Context English Kashmiri Actions
extended_tip|hruler Displays the horizontal ruler. Select the desired measurement unit from the corresponding list.
viewoptionspage|label3 View منظر
extended_tip|measureunit Specifies the Unit for HTML documents.
viewoptionspage|measureunitlabel Measurement unit مینئنُك یوینٹ
viewoptionspage|settingslabel Settings ترتیب
viewoptionspage|outlinecontentvisibilitybutton _Show outline-folding buttons
viewoptionspage|suboutlinelevelscontent Include sub _levels
viewoptionspage|outlinelabel Outline Folding
extended_tip|ViewOptionsPage Defines the default settings for displaying objects in your text documents and also the default settings for the window elements.
warndatasourcedialog|WarnDataSourceDialog Data Source Not Found
warndatasourcedialog|WarnDataSourceDialog The data source “%1” was not found.
warndatasourcedialog|WarnDataSourceDialog The connection to the data source could not be established. Please check the connection settings.
warndatasourcedialog|check Check Connection Settings...
warnemaildialog|WarnEmailDialog Emails could not be sent
warnemaildialog|WarnEmailDialog The following error occurred:
watermarkdialog|WatermarkDialog Watermark واٹر مارك
watermarkdialog|TextLabel Text متن
watermarkdialog|extended_tip|TextInput Enter the watermark text to be displayed as image in the page background.
watermarkdialog|FontLabel Font فونٹ
watermarkdialog|AngleLabel Angle كون
watermarkdialog|TransparencyLabel Transparency شفافیت
watermarkdialog|ColorLabel Color رنگ
watermarkdialog|extended_tip|Angle Select the rotation angle for the watermark. The text will be rotated by this angle in counterclockwise direction.
watermarkdialog|extended_tip|Transparency Select the transparency level for the watermark. A 0% value produces an opaque watermark and a value of 100% is totally transparent (invisible).
watermarkdialog|extended_tip|Color Select a color from the drop-down box.
watermarkdialog|extended_tip|FontBox Select the font from the list.
watermarkdialog|extended_tip|WatermarkDialog Insert a watermark text in the current page style background.
wordcount-mobile|WordCountDialog Word Count
wordcount-mobile|label9 Selection
wordcount-mobile|label10 Document
wordcount-mobile|label1 Words
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This translation Propagated Translated LibreOffice UI – 7.2/sw/messages
The following strings have different contexts, but the same source.
Translated LibreOffice UI – 7.2/filter/messages واٹر مارك نشان آب
Translated LibreOffice UI – 7.2/svx/messages واٹر مارك نشان آب
Translated LibreOffice UI – 7.2/sw/messages
Translated LibreOffice UI – 7.2/sw/messages
Translated LibreOffice UI – 7.2/sw/messages


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