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RID_SHELLRES_AUTOFMTSTRS Combine paragraphs مشترك پیراگراف
RID_SHELLRES_AUTOFMTSTRS Add non breaking space
RID_SHELLRES_AUTOFMTSTRS Transliterates RTL Hungarian text to Old Hungarian script
abstractdialog|AbstractDialog Create AutoAbstract آٹوایبسٹریکٹ تخلیق کرو
abstractdialog|label2 Included outline levels
abstractdialog|label3 Paragraphs per level
abstractdialog|label4 The abstract contains the selected number of paragraphs from the included outline levels.
abstractdialog|extended_tip|outlines Enter the extent of the outline levels to be copied to the new document.
abstractdialog|extended_tip|paras Specify the maximum number of consecutive paragraphs to be included in the AutoAbstract document after each heading.
abstractdialog|label1 Properties خصوصیات
abstractdialog|extended_tip|AbstractDialog Copies the headings and a number of subsequent paragraphs in the active document to a new AutoAbstract text document. An AutoAbstract is useful for obtaining an overview of long documents.
addentrydialog|AddEntryDialog Add Element ایلیمینٹ رلئویو
addentrydialog|label1 Element Name
addressblockdialog|image5|tooltip_text Add to address
addressblockdialog|AddressBlockDialog New Address Block نئی ایڈریس بلاک
addressblockdialog|addressesft Address _elements عناصر کا پتہ
addressblockdialog|extended_tip|addresses Select a field and drag the field to the other list.
addressblockdialog|addressdestft 1. Drag address elements here
addressblockdialog|up|tooltip_text Move up ہیور كُن گژیو
addressblockdialog|extended_tip|up Select an item in the list and click an arrow button to move the item.
addressblockdialog|left|tooltip_text Move left بائیں جانب جاؤ
addressblockdialog|extended_tip|left Select an item in the list and click an arrow button to move the item.
addressblockdialog|right|tooltip_text Move right دائیں جانب مقام تبدیل کرو
addressblockdialog|extended_tip|right Select an item in the list and click an arrow button to move the item.
addressblockdialog|down|tooltip_text Move down بْون كُن غژھیو
addressblockdialog|extended_tip|down Select an item in the list and click an arrow button to move the item.
addressblockdialog|label3 Preview پچھلا
addressblockdialog|customft 2. Customi_ze salutation
addressblockdialog|extended_tip|custom Select a value from the list for the salutation and the punctuation mark fields.
addressblockdialog|extended_tip|addressdest Arrange the fields by drag-and-drop or use the arrow buttons.
addressblockdialog|extended_tip|addrpreview Displays a preview of the first database record with the current salutation layout.


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