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asciifilterdialog|extended_tip|crlf Produces a "Carriage Return" and a "Linefeed". This option is the default.
asciifilterdialog|cr C_R
asciifilterdialog|extended_tip|cr Produces a "Carriage Return" as the paragraph break.
asciifilterdialog|lf _LF
asciifilterdialog|extended_tip|lf Produces a "Linefeed" as the paragraph break.
asciifilterdialog|extended_tip|language Specifies the language of the text, if this has not already been defined. This setting is only available when importing.
asciifilterdialog|includebom Include byte-order mark
asciifilterdialog|label1 Properties خصوصیات
asksearchdialog|AskSearchDialog To proceed with this action, you must first turn off the "undo" function. Do you want to turn off the "undo" function? اس ایکشن کے ساتھ آکے بڑھنے کےلئے۔آپ کو پہلے /"ان ڈو/"فنکشن ٹرن آف کرنا پڑےگا۔ کیا آپ /"ان ڈو/"فنکشن ٹرن آف کرنا چاہتے ہیں۔
assignfieldsdialog|AssignFieldsDialog Match Fields شعبوں کا تقابل
assignfieldsdialog|MATCHING_LABEL Assign the fields from your data source to match the address elements. آداب عناصر کو مماثل سےآپ کےڈاٹا ماخذ شعبہ میں منتقل کرو
assignfieldsdialog|extended_tip|FIELDS Select a field name in your database for each logical address element.
assignfieldsdialog|ST_ADDRESSELEMENT Address elements
assignfieldsdialog|ST_PREVIEW Preview
assignfieldsdialog|ST_MATCHESTO Matches to field
assignfieldsdialog|PREVIEW_LABEL Address block preview بلا ک ایڈریس سابقہ منظر
assignfieldsdialog|extended_tip|PREVIEW Displays a preview of the values of the first data record.
assignfieldsdialog|extended_tip|AssignFieldsDialog Matches the logical field names of the layout dialog to the field names in your database when you create new address blocks or salutations.
assignstylesdialog|AssignStylesDialog Assign Styles
assignstylesdialog|left|tooltip_text Promote level
assignstylesdialog|left-atkobject Left كھوفُر
assignstylesdialog|extended_tip|left Moves the selected paragraph style up one level in the index hierarchy.
assignstylesdialog|right|tooltip_text Demote level
assignstylesdialog|right-atkobject Right دایاں
assignstylesdialog|extended_tip|right Moves the selected paragraph style down one level in the index hierarchy.
assignstylesdialog|stylecolumn Style
assignstylesdialog|label3 Styles اسٹائلز
assignstylesdialog|extended_tip|AssignStylesDialog Creates index entries from specific paragraph styles.
attachnamedialog|AttachNameDialog No Attachment Name
attachnamedialog|textbuffer1 You did not specify a new name for the attachment.
attachnamedialog|textbuffer2 If you would like to provide one, please type it now.


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