English 9TjDF
Context English Bavarian Actions
businessdatapage|company2-atkobject Last name
extended tips | company2 Company second line
businessdatapage|icityft _Zip/city:
businessdatapage|icity-atkobject City
extended tip | icity Type the company city
businessdatapage|izip-atkobject Zip code
extended tip | izip Type company ZIP in this field.
extended tips | slogan Company slogan
extended tips | country Company country
extended tip | state Type company state.
businessdatapage|titleft1 Phone/mobile:
businessdatapage|phone-atkobject Title
extended tips | phone Type business phone
businessdatapage|mobile-atkobject Position
extended tips | mobile Type company mobile
businessdatapage|streetft1 Street:
extended tip | street Type the name of company street in this field.
businessdatapage|label1 Business Data
businessdatapage|extended_tip|BusinessDataPage Contains contact information for business cards that use a layout from a 'Business Card, Work' category. Business card layouts are selected on the Business Cards tab.
cannotsavelabeldialog|CannotSaveLabelDialog Cannot Add Label
cannotsavelabeldialog|CannotSaveLabelDialog Cannot add label
cannotsavelabeldialog|CannotSaveLabelDialog Predefined labels cannot be overwritten, use another name.
captiondialog|CaptionDialog Caption
captionoptions|CaptionOptionsDialog Caption Options
captionoptions|extended_tip|level Select the number of outline levels from the top of the chapter hierarchy down to include in the caption label.
captionoptions|extended_tip|separator Enter the character that you want to insert between the chapter number and the caption number.
captionoptions|label5 _Level:
captionoptions|label6 _Separator:
captionoptions|label1 Numbering Captions by Chapter
captionoptions|label4 Character style:
captionoptions|extended_tip|style Specifies the character style.
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Empty LibreOffice UI – 7.2/wizards/messages
Empty LibreOffice UI – 7.2/wizards/messages


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