English F9cPw
Context English Norwegian Bokmål Actions
RID_SVXSTR_BMP73 Upward Diagonal Oppoverdiagonal
RID_SVXSTR_BMP74 Cross Kryss
RID_SVXSTR_BMP75 Diagonal Cross Diagonalt kors
RID_SVXSTR_BMP76 Dashed Dotted Stiplet prikkete
RID_SVXSTR_BMP77 Dashed Dotted Upward Diagonal Stiplet prikkete Diagonalt oppover
RID_SVXSTR_BMP78 Solid Dotted Solid prikkete
RID_SVXSTR_DASH1 Long Dot Lang prikk
RID_SVXSTR_DASH2 Dot (Rounded) Punkt (avrundet)
RID_SVXSTR_DASH3 Dash Bindestrek
RID_SVXSTR_DASH4 Long Dash Lang Bindestrek
RID_SVXSTR_DASH5 Double Dash Dobbel Bindestrek
RID_SVXSTR_DASH6 Long Dash Dot Lang Bindestrek prikk
RID_SVXSTR_DASH7 Double Dash Dot Dobbel Bindestrek Prikk
RID_SVXSTR_DASH8 Double Dash Dot Dot Dobbel Bindestrek Prikk Prikk
RID_SVXSTR_DASH9 Ultrafine Dotted Ultrafin Prikkete
RID_SVXSTR_DASH10 Fine Dotted Finprikkete
RID_SVXSTR_DASH11 Ultrafine Dashed Ultrafin bindestrek
RID_SVXSTR_DASH12 Fine Dashed Fin bindestrek
RID_SVXSTR_DASH13 Fine Dashed Fin bindestrek
RID_SVXSTR_DASH14 Dashed Bindestrek
RID_SVXSTR_DASH15 Line Style 9 Linjestil 9
RID_SVXSTR_DASH16 3 Dashes 3 Dots 3 Bindestreker 3 Prikker
RID_SVXSTR_DASH17 Ultrafine 2 Dots 3 Dashes Ultrafin, 2 Prikker 3 Bindestreker
RID_SVXSTR_DASH18 2 Dots 1 Dash 2 Prikker 1 Bindestrek
RID_SVXSTR_DASH19 Line with Fine Dots Linje med tynne Prikker
RID_SVXSTR_DASH20 Dash Dot Bindestrek-punkt
RID_SVXSTR_DASH21 Long Dot (Rounded) Langt punkt (avrundet)
RID_SVXSTR_DASH22 Dash Dot Dot Bindestrek-punkt
RID_SVXSTR_DASH23 Dash (Rounded) Bindestrek (avrundet)
RID_SVXSTR_DASH24 Long Dash (Rounded) Lang bindestrek (avrundet)


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nb/svx/messages.po, string 870