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Context English Icelandic Actions
extended_tip|rotate Specifies that graphic objects can only be rotated within the rotation angle that you selected in the When rotating control.
extended_tip|mtrfldbezangle Defines the angle for point reduction.
optgridpage|label9 Point reducti_on: Fækkun _punkta:
optgridpage|label8 Constrain Objects Skorða hluti
extended_tip|OptGridPage Specifies the settings for the configurable grid on your document pages. This grid helps you determine the exact position of your objects. You can also set this grid in line with the "magnetic" snap grid.
paralinespacingcontrol|spacing_1 Spacing: 1 Millibil: 1
paralinespacingcontrol|spacing_115 Spacing: 1.15 Millibil: 1 .15
paralinespacingcontrol|spacing_15 Spacing: 1.5 Millibil: 1.5
paralinespacingcontrol|spacing_2 Spacing: 2 Millibil: 2
paralinespacingcontrol|label3 Line Spacing: Línubil:
paralinespacingcontrol|line_dist Single Einföld
paralinespacingcontrol|line_dist 1.15 Lines 1.15 línur
paralinespacingcontrol|line_dist 1.5 Lines 1.5 línur
paralinespacingcontrol|line_dist Double Tvöföld
paralinespacingcontrol|line_dist Proportional Hlutfallslegt
paralinespacingcontrol|line_dist At least Að minnsta kosti
paralinespacingcontrol|line_dist Leading Á undan
paralinespacingcontrol|line_dist Fixed Fast
paralinespacingcontrol|value_label Value: Gildi:
paralinespacingcontrol|label2 Custom Value Sérsniðið gildi
paralrspacing|beforetextindent|tooltip_text Before Text Indent Inndráttur á undan texta
paralrspacing|aftertextindent|tooltip_text After Text Indent Inndráttur á eftir texta
paralrspacing|firstlineindent|tooltip_text First Line Indent Inndráttur á fyrstu línu
paraulspacing|aboveparaspacing|tooltip_text Above Paragraph Spacing Bil fyrir ofan málsgreinar
paraulspacing|belowparaspacing|tooltip_text Below Paragraph Spacing Bil fyrir neðan málsgreinar
passwd|PasswordDialog Change Password Breyta lykilorði
passwd|oldpassL _Password: Ly_kilorð:
passwd|extended_tip|oldpassEntry Enter the current password for the selected library.
passwd|oldpass Old Password Gamla lykilorðið
passwd|extended_tip|newpassEntry Enter a new password for the selected library.
passwd|extended_tip|confirmpassEntry Reenter the new password for the selected library.
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