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Context English Friulian Actions
chinesedictionary|simpletotrad _Simplified Chinese to traditional Chinese
chinesedictionary|extended_tip|simpletotrad Converts simplified Chinese to traditional Chinese.
chinesedictionary|reverse Reverse mapping
chinesedictionary|extended_tip|reverse Automatically adds the reverse mapping direction to the list for each modification that you enter.
chinesedictionary|termft Term
chinesedictionary|mappingft Mapping
chinesedictionary|extended_tip|add Adds the term to the conversion dictionary. If the term is already in the dictionary, the new term receives precedence.
chinesedictionary|modify _Modify
chinesedictionary|extended_tip|modify Saves the modified entry to the database file.
chinesedictionary|extended_tip|delete Removes the selected user-defined entry from the dictionary.
chinesedictionary|propertyft Property
chinesedictionary|property Other
chinesedictionary|property Foreign
chinesedictionary|property First name
chinesedictionary|property Last name
chinesedictionary|property Title
chinesedictionary|property Status
chinesedictionary|property Place name
chinesedictionary|property Business
chinesedictionary|property Adjective
chinesedictionary|property Idiom
chinesedictionary|property Abbreviation
chinesedictionary|property Numerical
chinesedictionary|property Noun
chinesedictionary|property Verb
chinesedictionary|property Brand name
chinesedictionary|extended_tip|property Defines the class of the selected term.
chinesedictionary|extended_tip|mapping Enter the text that you want to replace the Term with.
chinesedictionary|extended_tip|term Enter the text that you want to replace with the Mapping term.
chinesedictionary|extended_tip|ChineseDictionaryDialog Edit the Chinese conversion terms.
classificationdialog|dialogname Classification


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