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addresstemplatedialog|extended_tip|datatable Select the data table for your address book. Velg datatabellen for adresseboken.
addresstemplatedialog|admin _Assign Tildel
addresstemplatedialog|extended_tip|admin Add a new data source to the Address Book Source list. Legg til en ny datakilde i kildelisten for adresseboken.
addresstemplatedialog|label100 Address Book Source Adressebokkilde
addresstemplatedialog|label23 Field Assignment Felttildeling
addresstemplatedialog|extended_tip|assign Select the field in the data table that corresponds to the address book entry. Velg feltet i datatabellen som tilsvarer adressebokoppføringen.
addresstemplatedialog|extended_tip|AddressTemplateDialog Edit the field assignments and the data source for your address book. Rediger datakilden og tildelingen av felter i adresseboken.
calendar|STR_SVT_CALENDAR_TODAY Today I dag
calendar|STR_SVT_CALENDAR_NONE None Ingen
fileviewmenu|delete _Delete Slett
fileviewmenu|rename _Rename Endre navn
graphicexport|GraphicExportDialog %1 Options %1 Valg …
graphicexport|modifydimensionscb Modify dimensions Endre dimensjoner
graphicexport|label5 Width: Bredde:
graphicexport|label6 Height: Høyde:
graphicexport|modifyresolutioncb Modify resolution Endre oppløsning
graphicexport|resolutionft Resolution: Oppløsning:
graphicexport|extended_tip|widthmf Specifies the measurement units. Spesifiserer måleenhetene.
graphicexport|extended_tip|heightmf Specifies the height. Spesifiserer høyden.
graphicexport|extended_tip|resolutionmf Enter the image resolution. Select the measurement units from the list box. Skriv inn bildeoppløsningen. Velg måleenhet fra listeboksen.
graphicexport|liststore2 inches tomme
graphicexport|liststore2 cm cm
graphicexport|liststore2 mm mm
graphicexport|liststore2 points punkt(er)
graphicexport|liststore2 pixels bildepunkter
graphicexport|extended_tip|widthlb Specifies the width. Spesifiserer bredden.
graphicexport|liststore1 pixels/cm bildepunkter/cm
graphicexport|liststore1 pixels/inch bildepunkter/tommer
graphicexport|liststore1 pixels/meter bildepunkter/meter
graphicexport|extended_tip|resolutionlb Enter the image resolution. Select the measurement units from the list box. Skriv inn bildeoppløsningen. Velg måleenhet fra listeboksen.
graphicexport|label1 Size Størrelse


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