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STR_FORMAT_ID_STARIMPRESS_50 StarImpress 5.0 object Objet StarImpress 5.0
STR_FORMAT_ID_STARDRAW_50 StarDraw 5.0 object Objet StarDraw 5.0
STR_FORMAT_ID_STARCALC StarCalc object Objet StarCalc
STR_FORMAT_ID_STARCALC_40 StarCalc 4.0 object Objet StarCalc 4.0
STR_FORMAT_ID_STARCALC_50 StarCalc 5.0 object Objet StarCalc 5.0
STR_FORMAT_ID_STARCHART StarChart object Objet StarChart
STR_FORMAT_ID_STARCHART_40 StarChart 4.0 object Objet StarChart 4.0
STR_FORMAT_ID_STARCHART_50 StarChart 5.0 object Objet StarChart 5.0
STR_FORMAT_ID_STARIMAGE StarImage object Objet StarImage
STR_FORMAT_ID_STARIMAGE_40 StarImage 4.0 object Objet StarImage 4.0
STR_FORMAT_ID_STARIMAGE_50 StarImage 5.0 object Objet StarImage 5.0
STR_FORMAT_ID_STARMATH StarMath object Objet StarMath
STR_FORMAT_ID_STARMATH_40 StarMath 4.0 object Objet StarMath 4.0
STR_FORMAT_ID_STARMATH_50 StarMath 5.0 object Objet StarMath 5.0
STR_FORMAT_ID_STAROBJECT_PAINTDOC StarObject Paint object Objet StarObject Paint
STR_FORMAT_ID_HTML HyperText Markup Language (HTML) HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
STR_FORMAT_ID_HTML_SIMPLE Stripped HyperText Markup Language (Simple HTML) HyperText Markup Language simplifié (Simple HTML)
STR_FORMAT_ID_BIFF_5 Microsoft Excel Binary Interchange Format 5.0/95 (Biff5) Format binaire d'échange Microsoft Excel 5.0/95 (Biff5)
STR_FORMAT_ID_BIFF_8 Microsoft Excel Binary Interchange Format 97/2000/XP/2003 (Biff8) Format binaire d'échange Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP/2003 (Biff8)
STR_FORMAT_ID_LINK Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE link) Dynamic Data Exchange (lien DDE)
STR_FORMAT_ID_DIF Data Interchange Format (DIF) Data Interchange Format (DIF)
STR_FORMAT_ID_MSWORD_DOC Microsoft Word object Objet Microsoft Word
STR_FORMAT_ID_STAR_FRAMESET_DOC StarFrameSet object Objet StarFrameSet
STR_FORMAT_ID_OFFICE_DOC Office document object Objet document Office
STR_FORMAT_ID_NOTES_DOCINFO Notes document info Info document Notes
STR_FORMAT_ID_SFX_DOC Sfx document Document sfx
STR_FORMAT_ID_STARCHARTDOCUMENT_50 StarChart 5.0 object Objet StarChart 5.0
STR_FORMAT_ID_GRAPHOBJ Graphic object Objet graphique
STR_FORMAT_ID_STARWRITER_60 1.0 Writer object Objet Writer 1.0
STR_FORMAT_ID_STARWRITERWEB_60 1.0 Writer/Web object Objet Writer/Web 1.0


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