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Context English Actions
graphicexport|textcb Text
graphicexport|extended_tip|textcb Exports the file in ASCII text format. The resulting file is larger than a binary file.
graphicexport|label16 Encoding
graphicexport|tiffpreviewcb Image preview (TIFF)
graphicexport|extended_tip|tiffpreviewcb Specifies whether a preview image is exported in the TIFF format together with the actual PostScript file.
graphicexport|epsipreviewcb Interchange (EPSI)
graphicexport|extended_tip|epsipreviewcb Specifies whether a monochrome preview graphic in EPSI format is exported together with the PostScript file. This format only contains printable characters from the 7-bit ASCII code.
graphicexport|label17 Preview
graphicexport|color1rb Color
graphicexport|extended_tip|color1rb Exports the file in color.
graphicexport|color2rb Grayscale
graphicexport|extended_tip|color2rb Exports the file in grayscale tones.
graphicexport|label18 Color Format
graphicexport|level1rb Level 1
graphicexport|extended_tip|level1rb Compression is not available at this level. Select the Level 1 option if your PostScript printer does not offer the capabilities of Level 2.
graphicexport|level2rb Level 2
graphicexport|extended_tip|level2rb Select the Level 2 option if your output device supports colored bitmaps, palette graphics and compressed graphics.
graphicexport|label19 Version
graphicexport|compresslzw LZW encoding
graphicexport|extended_tip|compresslzw LZW compression is the compression of a file into a smaller file using a table-based lookup algorithm.
graphicexport|compressnone None
graphicexport|extended_tip|compressnone Specifies that you do not wish to use compression.
graphicexport|label20 Compression
graphicexport|label4 Information
javadisableddialog|JavaDisabledDialog Enable JRE?
javadisableddialog|JavaDisabledDialog %PRODUCTNAME requires a Java runtime environment (JRE) to perform this task. However, use of a JRE has been disabled. Do you want to enable the use of a JRE now?
linewindow|none_line_button None
placeedit|PlaceEditDialog File Services
placeedit|typeLabel Type:
placeedit|liststore1 WebDAV
placeedit|liststore1 FTP
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