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javadisableddialog|JavaDisabledDialog Enable JRE?
javadisableddialog|JavaDisabledDialog %PRODUCTNAME requires a Java runtime environment (JRE) to perform this task. However, use of a JRE has been disabled. Do you want to enable the use of a JRE now?
linewindow|none_line_button None
placeedit|PlaceEditDialog File Services
placeedit|typeLabel Type:
placeedit|liststore1 WebDAV
placeedit|liststore1 FTP
placeedit|liststore1 SSH
placeedit|liststore1 Windows Share
placeedit|hostLabel Host:
placeedit|pathLabel Root:
placeedit|shareLabel Share:
placeedit|repositoryLabel Repository:
placeedit|webdavs Secure connection
placeedit|loginLabel User:
placeedit|nameLabel Label:
placeedit|portLabel Port:
placeedit|passwordLabel Password:
placeedit|rememberPassword Remember password
printersetupdialog|PrinterSetupDialog Printer Setup
printersetupdialog|options Options...
printersetupdialog|extended_tip|options Opens the Printer Options dialog where you can override the global printer options set on the Tools - Options - %PRODUCTNAME Writer/Web - Print panel for the current document.
printersetupdialog|label2 Name:
printersetupdialog|label3 Status:
printersetupdialog|label4 Type:
printersetupdialog|label5 Location:
printersetupdialog|label6 Comment:
printersetupdialog|properties Properties...
printersetupdialog|extended_tip|properties Changes the printer settings of your operating system for the current document.
printersetupdialog|extended_tip|name Lists the installed printers on your operating system. To change the default printer, select a printer name from the list.
printersetupdialog|label1 Printer


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