English A4BT2
Context English Angika Actions
templatepanel|STR_STYLE_NEW_STYLE_ACTION Styles actions
templatepanel|STR_STYLE_UPDATE_STYLE Update Style
templatepanel|STR_STYLE_ELEMTLIST Style List
commontemplate|STR_PREVIEW_CHECKBOX Show previews
versioncommentdialog|VersionCommentDialog Insert Version Comment
versioncommentdialog|timestamp Date and time:
versioncommentdialog|author Saved by:
versioncommentdialog|extended_tip|VersionCommentDialog Enter a comment here when you are saving a new version. If you clicked Show to open this dialog, you cannot edit the comment.
versionscmis|compare _Compare
versionscmis|show _Show...
versionscmis|open _Open
versionscmis|datetime Date and time
versionscmis|savedby Saved by
versionscmis|comments Comments
versionscmis|label2 Existing Versions
versionsofdialog|cmis CMIS
versionsofdialog|extended_tip|delete Deletes the selected version.
versionsofdialog|compare _Compare
versionsofdialog|extended_tip|compare Compare the changes that were made in each version.
versionsofdialog|show _Show...
versionsofdialog|extended_tip|show Displays the entire comment for the selected version.
versionsofdialog|open _Open
versionsofdialog|extended_tip|open Opens the selected version in a read-only window.
versionsofdialog|save Save _New Version
versionsofdialog|extended_tip|save Saves the current state of the document as a new version. If you want, you can also enter comments in the Insert Version Comment dialog before you save the new version.
versionsofdialog|always _Always save a new version on closing
versionsofdialog|extended_tip|always If you have made changes to your document, %PRODUCTNAME automatically saves a new version when you close the document.
versionsofdialog|label1 New Versions
versionsofdialog|datetime Date and time
versionsofdialog|savedby Saved by
versionsofdialog|comments Comments


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